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Crieff Community Band

Crieff Community Band: Music

This page is for Crieff Community Band members and contains music sheets for downloading, sound files, set lists, tutorials, and so on. I am currently simplifying the numbering system for our sets, so many of the sheets will undergo changes.

Code   Sheet  Updated
A01 The Burning of Crieff 2/9/18
A02 Lindisfarne 2/9/18
A03 The Air Tune 26/8/18
A04 Bruce's Address 3/9/18
A05 Autumn Sky 3/9/18
A06 Strathearn 3/9/18
A07 Miss Rowan Davies 26/2/18
A08 Bennachie 2/9/16
A09 Farley Bridge 4/9/18
A10 Of A' the Airts 5/9/18
A11 Music o' Spey 6/9/18
A12 Mr & Mrs MacLean of Snaigow 15/2/17
A13 Black Mountain Air 15/6/18
A13 McKechnie's Farewell 21/8/18
H01 The Kirks 25/8/18
J01 Irish Jigs 1 (Brennan's) 6/9/18
J02 Looking for a Partner 7/9/18
J03 Scottish Jigs 22/8/18
J03 The 6.20 Two Step 23/8/18
M01 Battle of Waterloo 28/8/18
M02 Horsburgh Castle 8/9/18
M03 Fr John MacMillan 9/9/18
M04 Barren Rocks 9/9/18
M05 Memories 11/9/18
M06 MacRosty Park 13/9/18
M07 Green Wood 24/8/18
M08 Rowan Tree 15/2/17
M09 Lammas Tide 16/2/17
M10 Tignabruaich 26/2/18
P01 Tom Sullivan's 4/9/16
P02 Church St 1/9/16
R01 The Periwig 10/9/16
R02 New High Level 20/10/12
R03 Lord Randall 10/9/16
R04 The Pullet 25/8/18
R05 Repeal the Wheel 10/9/16
R06 Faroe Rum 11/9/16
R07 Irish Reels 1 (Sally Gardens) 9/9/16
R08 Virginia Reel 7/9/16
R09 Scalloway 2/9/16
R11 Dashing White Sergeant 1 (Original) 10/9/16
R12 Dashing White Sergeant 2 (Neevie) 4/9/16
S03 The Jeely Piece Song 26/8/18
S04 You Are My Sunshine 26/2/18
S09 The Northern Lights 26/2/18
S11 Flodgarry 24/8/18
W01 Scottish Waltzes 29/10/12
W02 Dave's Waltzes
W03 St Bernards Waltz 1 (Sarah) 11/9/16
W04 Pride of Erin 1 6/9/16
W05 Waltzing Over the Water
W06 Cradle Song 24/8/18
Z01 Morris 1
Z02 Blow My Chanter
WT CCB Whistle Tutorial
GT CCB Guitar Tutorial

Last update: 8th Sep 2018, 10.15pm

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