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Crieff Community Band

Crieff Community Band: Term Schedule

The next term starts on Friday 21st September 2018, 7-9pm at St Andrews Church Hall, Strathearn Terrace, Crieff (see map). You are welcome to come along and see if the group is something you'd like to join; email me for further details.

Nigel Gatherer


Term B is 9 weeks long. There are various options when it comes to paying:

  • Pay in cash each time you attend (£6 per 2-hour session).
  • Pay in cash in advance for a number of sessions (£6 per session).
  • Pay online for a number of lessons in advance (use the button below to access Paypal).



We'll be looking at a whole bunch of new pieces for the coming term (see schedule below), as well as keeping our core repertoire up to scratch. In addition, we're going to look particularly at an older set each week, as well as working on our ensemble skills, dynamics, timing and tempo. If you're new, don't panic - just take one step at a time.

Term B (January - March 2019)
Date No. Tunes
11/1 B1
18/1 B2
25/1 B3
1/2 B4
8/2 B5
15/10 XX Mid-term - no band tonight
22/2 B6
1/3 B7
8/3 B8
15/3 B9
Term A (September - December 2018)
Date No. Tunes
Download all Term A's NEW sets (in red below) in one PDF file: [STD] [TAB] [GUI]
The OLD sets (in blue below) can be accessed from the [Music Page]
21/9 A1 M07: Green Wood
A08: Bennachie
M07 page
A08 page
28/9 A2 A14: McKechnie's Farewell
J01: Brennan's
A14 page
J01 page
5/10 A3 M12: The Old Rustic Bridge
P01: Tom Sullivan's
M12 page
P01 page
12/10 A4 J03: Scottish Jigs
R01: The Periwig
J03 page
R01 page
19/10 XX No Class Tonight
26/10 A5 W06: Highland Cradle Song
M01: Battle of Waterloo
W06 page
M01 page
2/11 A6 M13: Flett from Flotta
R07: Irish Reels 1
M13 page
R07 page
9/11 A7 S11: Flodgarry
A05: Autumn Sky
S11 page
A05 page
16/11 A8 R03: Lord Randall
S10: The Balena
R03 page
S10 page
23/11 A9 J04: The 6.20 Two-Step
W04: Pride of Erin 1
J04 page
W04 page
30/11 A10 H01: The Kirks
Z01: Morris 1
H01 page
Z01 page
7/12 A11 Recap
14/12 A12 Christmas Party

Last update: 6th Jan 2019, 9pm

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