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Crieff Community Band

R01: The Periwig

A PeriwigThree traditional Scottish reels put together by Nigel Gatherer. A "periwig" was a once-fashionable large hairpiece. The air seems to have been for a humorous song now forgotten. There is a story of a very old minister of Boleskin by Loch Ness; a fellow diner tickled the minister with a blade of corn under his periwig. This continued until, afraid that it was an earwig or spider in his wig, he took it off and shook it over the fire. Alas, he dropped it into the fire and almost suffocated everyone else at the party. The story is told in the 1874 edition of Simon Fraser's collection, and he states that "the real name of the air is 'The Fry'd Periwig'," suggesting that event as its inspiration. I have no idea what the other titles refer to.

Reels 1: The Periwig
(The Periwig/The Night We had the Goats/Elizabeth's Big Coat)
Last update: 25/2/18
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