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Crieff Ukulele Group
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Crieff Ukulele Group

Improvers Ukulele

The improvers class is for anyone who has been through the Beginners Ukulele class, or can play some basic chords and do a bit of strumming.

You can come along any time to see if it's for you, but if you have any specifice questions, email me ( Each class costs £4. The schedule for the current term is below.

Term B (January - March 2019)
Date No. Tunes
11/1 B1 General rehearsal
18/1 B2 General rehearsal
25/1 B3 General rehearsal
1/2 B4 Rehearse Set No.1
8/2 B5 Rehearse Set No.1
15/10 XX Mid-term - no class tonight
22/2 B6
1/3 B7
8/3 B8
15/3 B9

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