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Crieff Ukulele Group

Crieff Ukulele Group

The ukulele is a popular instrument because it is relatively simple, relatively inexpensive, and relatively easy to get started on. The classes are run by Nigel Gatherer's Music School and there are two levels: Absolute Beginners and Improvers. I aim to help you get started in the journey of learning a musical instrument. Technique will be taught alongside a growing repertoire of songs.

The ukulele was my first instrument as a boy, and I'm delighted to be offering this opportunity to learn. The term starts on Friday 16th September 2016 at St Andrew's Halls, Strathearn Terrace, Crieff PH7 3BZ (see map). Visit the group's Facebook page.

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Last update: 12th Sep 2016, 3.00pm
SMG Slow Session class photo

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