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SMG Slow Session Class

Craigie Whistlers Improvers Whistle

For those who have learned the basics of playing the penny whistle, this is a group in which you reach the next step. Start to learn more challenging tunes, and expand the limits of your musical knowledge. You should have a penny whistle in the key of D, available from any music shop. Low D whistles welcome.


  • Through Community Education at Craigroyston Community School (email them), tel 0131 538 7285, or just turn up at the class and we'll get you sorted. The next term starts on Thursday 27th April 2017.

Term C (April - June 2017)
Date Tunes Downloads
27/4 C1 [17] The Yellow Haired Laddie [STD] [WHI] [MP3]
4/5 C2 [49] The Furrow's End • [34] The Mill, Mill, O
[39] Leaving Barra • [57] Tweedside
11/5 C3 [25] Mozart Andante • [31] Purcell Minuet
[42] Handel Gavotte • [55] Passepied
18/5 C4 [16] Her Mantle So Green • [28] Down By the Salley Gardens • [56] Carolan's Draught
25/5 C5 [08] Gardebylatten • [46] Morenita do Brazil
[41] Waltz Efter Soling Anders • [75] The Oi Song
1/6 C6 Every tune in the whole wide world. Bring your own.
Previous terms:
Term B (January - March 2017)
Date Tunes Downloads
26/1 B1 [69] Did You Wash Your Father's Shirt?
The Mountain Top
[STD] [WHI] [MP3]
2/2 B2 [70] Fairy Tune [STD] [WHI] [MP3]
9/2 B3 [71] The Piper's Chair/Gander in the Pratie Hole [STD] [WHI] [MP3]
16/2 XX Mid Term: No Class
23/2 B4 Planxty George Brabazon [STD] [WHI] [MP3]
2/3 B5 The Ballyfin Slide
Cock of the North
[STD] [WHI] [MP3]
9/3 B6 The Hag At The Spinning Wheel [STD] [WHI] [MP3]
16/3 B7 The O'Rourkes' Feast
23/3 B8 The Heathery Breeze [MP3]
Term A (September - December 2016)
Date Tunes Downloads
22/9 A1 [10] Jock o' Hazeldean/Rothesay Bay [WHI] [STD] [MP3]
29/9 A2 [64] The Hills of Mull [WHI] [STD]
6/10 A3 [63] The Marino Waltz [WHI] [STD]
13/10 A4 [16] Her Mantle So Green [WHI] [STD] [MP3]
20/10 XX Mid Term: No Class
27/10 A5 [04] The Flitter Dance [WHI] [STD] [MP3]
3/11 A6 [65] Leone de Naples [WHI] [STD] [MP3]
10/11 A7 [66] Bright Star in Cepheus [WHI] [STD] [MP3]
17/11 A8 [67] The Bergen [WHI] [STD] [MP3]
24/11 A9 [68] Tricia's Song
1/12 A10 End-of-Term Stramash
Name: Improvers Whistle
Location: Craigroyston School
Day: Thursdays
Time: 10.50-11.50am
Last update: 24th Apr 2017 1.20pm

Nigel Gatherer, Crieff, Perthshire |