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GFW Mandolin

GFW Improvers Mandolin

This is an adult evening class in Improvers Mandolin. Participants should know the basics of the mandolin and have been learning for at least a year.

During the course we'll be further developing the techniques necessary to playing the mandolin, increasing our repertoire of tunes, and learning about mandolin music from around the world.

GFW Slow Session

I run a slow session in the atrium before the classes, from 6.55-7.25pm to which everyone is invited to join in or just listen.
Full details can be seen here.


  • Through the GFW (visit their website), or turn up on the first night of term (Monday 16th April 2018)

Class Schedule

Term D (April - June 2018)
Date Tunes Download
16/4 D1 Davie Knick Knack [TAB] [STD] [MP3]
23/4 D2 Pelagia's Song [TAB] [STD] [MP3]
30/4 D3 Cripple Creek (corrected tab version) [TAB] [STD] [MP3]
7/5 XX Holiday: No Class
14/5 D4 Song of the Clyde
[TAB] [STD] [MP3]
[TAB] [STD] [MP3]
21/5 D5 Midnight On the Water [TAB] [STD] [MP3]
28/5 XX Holiday: No Class
4/6 D6 Consolidation and recap
Previous terms:
Term A (September - October 2017)
Download all Term A and Term B's tunes in one PDF file: [STD] [TAB]
Date Tunes Download
28/8 A1
4/9 A2
Spanish Ladies
Leather Away the Wattle O
[STD] [TAB] [MP3]
11/9 A3 The Bear Dance
[STD] [TAB] [MP3]
18/9 A4 Alasdair of the Dun
The Cockle Gatherers
[STD] [TAB] [MP3]
25/9 XX Holiday: No Class
3/10 A5 The Cradle Song [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
9/10 A6 The Soup Dragon [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
16/10 XX Mid Term: No Class
23/10 A7 The Old Spinning Wheel [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
Term B (October - December 2017)
Date Tunes Download
30/10 B1 Kenmure's On an' Awa' [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
6/11 B2 Lucy Farr's Hornpipe [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
13/11 B3 The Boy's Lament for his Dragon [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
20/11 B4 Harvest Home [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
27/11 B5 Farewell to Govan [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
4/12 B6 Consolidation and recap
Term C (February - March 2018)
Date Tunes Download
5/2 C1 Blowin' in the Wind [TAB] [STD] [MP3]
12/2 XX Holiday: No Class
19/2 C2 Whelan's Hornpipe [TAB] [STD]
26/2 C3 Mrs Jamieson's Favourite [TAB] [STD] [MP3]
5/3 C4 The Galway Hornpipe [TAB] [STD] [MP3]
12/3 C5 Sheebeg Sheemore [TAB] [STD]
19/3 C6 The Wild Rover [TAB] [STD] [MP3]
26/3 C7 Hop Lite Ladies [TAB] [STD] [MP3]

Name: GFW Imp Mandolin
Location: John Wheatley College
Day: Mondays
Time: 7.30 - 9.25
Last updated: 1st May 2018 9.20am

Nigel Gatherer, Crieff, Perthshire |