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Nigel Gatherer's Mandolin School

NGMS Improvers/Lower Intermediate Mandolin

This is an adult evening class in Improvers/Lower Intermediate Mandolin. Participants should know the basics of the mandolin and have been learning for at least a year.

During the course we'll be further developing the techniques necessary to playing the mandolin, increasing our repertoire of tunes, and learning about mandolin music from around the world.

The classes are held in the small hall in Morningside United Church on Chamberlain Road, at Holy Corner (how to get there) on Tuesday evenings from 7.00pm.

The cost for Term B (ten weeks) is £70.00 including all hand-out sheets, sound files, etc. There is also a limited number of concession places available for £60.00 for those on a state pension only or on benefits. To book a place on the course, email me with your name and contact details and I will reply. The next term starts on Tuesday 17th January 2017.

Either send a cheque made payable to "Nigel Gatherer" to Nigel Gatherer, 8 Mitchell Street, Crieff PH7 3AG, or bring it with you on the first night (please let me know if you're going to do that). Alternatively, you may pay on-line using the button below. Booking for Term B now open. Any problems, please let me know.   14 places left

Term B (January - March 2017)
Date Tunes Downloads
17/1 B1 Scale Exercise
Johnny Lad
[STD] [TAB] [MP3]
24/1 B2 Pick Direction
Lord Dalhousie
31/1 B3 Ragtime
Gatherer's Rag
The Entertainer
[STD] [TAB] [MP3]
[STD] [TAB] [MP3]
7/2 B4 Mackilmoyle's Reel [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
14/2 XX Mid Term: No Class
21/2 B5 Forneth House [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
28/2 B6 Double Stops [Download] [MP3]
7/3 B7 Chords A: Chord Trousers [Download]
14/3 B8 Chords B: How Much is that Doggie? [STD] [TAB]
21/3 B9 La Volage [MP3] [TAB]
28/3 B10
Term A (September - December 2016)
Date Tunes Downloads
Download all Term A's tunes in one PDF file: [STD] [TAB]
13/9 A1 Aiken Drum/The Boatie Rows [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
20/9 A2
27/9 A3
Jack Broke da Prison Door
Donald Blue
[STD] [TAB] [MP3]
4/10 A4 The Eighth of January [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
11/10 A5 The Humours of Tulla [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
18/10 XX Mid Term: No Class
25/10 A6 Hector the Hero [STD] [TAB] [TAB]
1/11 A7 The Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
8/11 A8 Black Eyed Susie [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
15/11 A9 Josefin's Waltz [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
22/11 A10 Lament for Abercairney [STD] [TAB] [MP3 1] [MP3 2]
29/11 A11 El Noy de la Mare [STD] [TAB] [MP3]
6/12 A12 Consolidation and recap
Term B (January - March 2017)
Date Tunes MP3
Download all Term B's tunes in one PDF file: [STD] [TAB]
17/1 B1
24/1 B2
31/1 B3
7/2 B4
14/2 XX Mid Term: No Class
21/2 B5
28/2 B6
7/3 B7
14/3 B8
21/3 B9
28/3 B10
Term C (April - May 2016)
Date Tunes MP3
Download all Term C's tunes in one PDF file: [STD] [TAB]
18/4 C1
25/4 C2
2/5 C3
9/5 C4
16/5 C5
23/5 C6
30/5 C7
7/6 C8 End-of-Term session
Name: Improvers Mandolin
Location: Morningside
Day: Tuesdays
Time: 7.00 - 8.00pm
Last update: 21st Mar 2017 2.10pm

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