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The Morning Mixed Instrument class has been going for a few years now, and as a result we've built up a substantial repertoire, only a small part of which is current at any one time. Below is a list of sheets available from previous and future times.

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SMG Morning Mixed: Music
No. Tunes PDF MP3
01 Egan's Polka
03 Bennachie Sunrise/Back o' Bennachie [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [CEL] [MP3]
04 The Gudewife of Peebles [STD] [TAB] [WHI] [CEL] [MP3]
05 John McAlpine/Kate Dalrymple [STD] [TAB] [WHI] [CEL] [MP3]
06 Skye Boat Song
07 Loch Katrine's Lady [STD] [TAB] [WHI] [CEL] [MP3]
08 Miss Drummond of Perth [STD] [TAB] [WHI] [CEL] [MP3]
09 Boys of the Town/Tom Sullivan's [STD] [TAB] [WHI] [CEL] [MP3]
10 Lord Randall's Bride/Lady MacKenzie of Coull [STD] [TAB] [WHI] [CEL] [MP3]
12 Hector the Hero
13 Bonnie Galloway [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [CEL]
14 Barren Rocks of Aden/The Piper's Cave
15 Hoch Hey Johnnie Lad [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [CEL] [MP3]
16 Mary Young and Fair [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [CEL] [MP3]
19 Duncan Davidson/The Fairy Dance
20 Island Dance/Peat Fire Flame [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [CEL] [MP3]
21 Spootiskerry/Willafjord
22 The Earl of Mansfield/Campbell's Farewell
23 Midwinter Waltz
24 Farewell to Fiunary [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [CEL] [MP3]
25 Cenneag Mhor/Fear a Figue [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [CEL] [[MP3]
26 Morag of Dunvegan/Fil O Ro [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [MP3]
27 Planxty Irwin/Planxty Fanny Powers [STD] [TAB] [WHI] [CEL] [MP3]
28 O'Connor's Polka/Little Diamond [STD] [TAB] [WHI] [CEL]
29 The Arran Boat Song
30 The New Rigged Ship/Brose and Butter
31 Leaving Lismore
32 Domnhall Dubh/Highlander's Revenge
33 Calum's Road/Memories of Fr Angus
34 Johnny Todd/Far from Home
35 Leaving Stornoway [STD] [TAB] [WHI] [CEL] [MP3]
36 The Stronsay Waltz/The Rope Waltz
37 Sine Bhan/My Home
38 The Lea Rig [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [CEL]
39 Richard Brennan's Favourite [STD] [TAB] [WHI] [CEL] [MP3]
40 Lindisfarne [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [CEL] [MP3]
41 My Home Town/Jock Wilson's Ball
42 Alastair of the Dun [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [CEL] [MP3]
43 Lovely Stornoway
44 Mist Covered Mountains [STD] [TAB] [WHI] [CEL]
45 Will Ye No Come Back Again [STD] [WHI] [TAB]
47 The Rowan Tree
48 Miss Forbes's Farewell to Banff [STD] [TAB] [WHI] [CEL] [MP3]
51 Theid Mi Dhachaigh [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [CEL] [MP3]
52 The Shepherd's Wife [STD] [WHI] [TAB]
53 The Oyster Wives' Rant/Clean Pea Strae
54 Down Home Waltz/Midnight On the Water [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [CEL] [MP3]
55 Bottom of the Punchbowl [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [CEL] [MP3]
56 The Twisted Bridge
57 Fear a Bhois...
58 Salmon Tails Up the Water/The Reel of Tullochgorum [STD] [TAB] [WHI] [CEL]
59 Flowers of Edinburgh/Soldier's Joy
60 The Hills of Glenorchy/The Old Grey Cat
62 Stalker Castle/Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre
63 Mo Chaillin Dileas Donn [STD] [TAB] [WHI] [CEL]
64 Eibhlin
65 East Parkside [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [CEL] [MP3]
66 Battle of the Somme/Boy's Lament for his Dragon
67 Gu Man Slan a Chi Mi [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [CEL] [GUI]
68 The Sound of Sleat
70 Out On the Ocean/Bill Collins [STD] [TAB] [WHI] [CEL]
71 Happy We've Been A'thegither/Major Malley's
72 East Parkside [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [CEL] [MP3]
73 Meeting of the Waters [STD] [TAB] [WHI] [CEL] [MP3]
74 The Periwig
75 Farewell to the Creeks [STD] [TAB] [WHI] [CEL] [MP3]
76 Hi-O-Hiram/Calum Beag [STD] [TAB] [WHI] [MP3]
77 Fires At Midnight
78 Lord Inchiquin
79 The Weaver/Crowe's Nest
80 MacRosty Park/Linda MacFarlane
81 Song for the Smallpipes [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [CEL] [MP3]
82 As the Sun was Setting [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [CEL] [MP3]
83 What Pain I Have Endured [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [CEL] [MP3]
84 The Flitter Dance [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [CEL]
85 Marquis of Lorne [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [CEL] [MP3]
86 Strathearn [STD] [WHI] [TAB]
87 The Gathering Waltz [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [CEL] [MP3]
88 Thomas Leixlip [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [CEL] [MP3]
90 North Turned South [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [CEL] [MP3]
91 Captain Francis Wemyss [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [CEL]
92 Caledonian Laddie [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [CEL] [MP3]
93 Angeline the Baker [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [CEL] [MP3]
94 Cullen Bay
95 Logan Water [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [CEL]
96 Mrs Wemyss of Cuttlehill [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [CEL]
97 WW1 Medley [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [CEL] [MP3]
98 Singalong Medley 1 [STD] [TAB] [WHI] [CEL] [MP3]
99 Singalong Medley 2 [STD] [TAB] [WHI] [CEL] [MP3]
100 Singalong Medley 3 [STD] [TAB] [WHI] [CEL] [MP3]
No. Song PDF MP3
S1 Jock Stewart [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [CEL]
S2 Leezie Lindsay
S3 Wild Mountain Thyme [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [MP3]
S4 Dumbarton's Drums
S5 The Gallowa' Hills [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [CEL]
S6 The Shearing
S7 The Flower of Scotland [STD] [TAB] [WHI] [CEL]
S8 Come By the Hills [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [CEL] [MP3]
S9 Caledonia
S10 We're No Awa Tae Bide Awa
S11 Bonnie Lass Come Ower the Burn
S12 The Rolling Hills of the Borders [STD] [TAB] [WHI] [CEL] [MP3]
S13 Ye Jacobites By Name [STD] [WHI] [TAB]
S15 Donal Don [STD] [WHI] [TAB] [CEL]
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