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SMG Mornin Mixed Instrument

SMG Morning Mixed Instrument Group

In a mixed instrument class, participants learn tunes and collaborate on arranging the tunes in an exciting way. It's less about the individual and more about learning to play with other instruments and creative an ensemble. During the course we'll be learning tunes and exploring arrangements, with the possibility of performance at a later date.

The next term starts on Wednesday 11th September 2019. Any questions you might have, please let me know.


Term A (Sep-Dec 2019)
Date No. Tunes MP3 PDF
11/9 A1 Abbey Craig/Stirling Castle Polka [STD] [TAB] [UKE] [CEL2] [WHI]
Stirling Brig [STD] [TAB] [UKE] [CEL2] [WHI]
18/9 A2 O'Connell's Trip to Parliament
Parnell and Ireland
[STD] [TAB] [UKE] [CEL2] [WHI]
25/9 A3 The Innocent Railway [STD] [TAB] [UKE] [CEL2] [WHI]
The Railway Porter [STD] [TAB] [UKE] [CEL2] [WHI]
2/10 A4 Around the World for Sport
All Around the World
[STD] [TAB] [UKE] [CEL2] [WHI]
9/10 A5 The Surgeon's Triumph
Billy the Barber Shaved his Father
[STD] [TAB] [UKE] [CEL2] [WHI]
16/10 XX Mid Term - No Class
23/10 A6 Polkinette/Fil Et Bobine [STD] [TAB] [UKE] [CEL2] [WHI]
French Bourrees [STD] [TAB] [UKE] [CEL2] [WHI]
30/10 A7 Halloween Jig/Tam O'Shanter [STD] [TAB] [UKE] [CEL2] [WHI]
Halloween [STD] [TAB] [UKE] [CEL2] [WHI]
6/11 A8 Fife Docks/Anster Market [STD] [TAB] [UKE] [CEL2] [WHI]
13/11 A9 The Battle of Sheriffmuir [STD] [TAB] [UKE] [CEL2] [WHI]
Will Ye Go To Sheriffmuir? [STD] [TAB] [UKE] [CEL2] [WHI]
20/11 A10 The Lament of Flora MacDonald
Bauldy Fraser
[STD] [TAB] [UKE] [CEL2] [WHI]
27/11 A11 Meeting of the Waters
Harvest Storm
[STD] [TAB] [UKE] [CEL2] [WHI]
4/12 A12 End-of-Year Session
Term B (Jan-Mar 2020)
Date No. Tunes MP3 PDF
9/1 B1 Hamilton House
16/1 B2 O'er the Hills set
23/1 B3 Leaving Friday Harbour
30/1 B4 Civil War Medley
6/2 B5 Flower of Kristiansand
13/2 XX Mid Term - No Class
20/2 B6 Sir Charles Coote
27/2 B7 Northumbrian Tunes
6/3 B8 Old Time Tunes
13/3 B9
20/2 B10
Term C (Apr-Jun 2020)
Date No. Tunes MP3 PDF
24/4 C1
1/5 C2
8/5 C3
15/5 C4
22/5 C5
29/5 C6
5/6 C7
12/6 C8
Name: Morning Mixed Instrument
Location: Gorgie Dalry Church
Day: Wednesdays
Time: 10am - 12noon
Last update: 27th Jun 2019 5pm

SMG Morning Mixed class photo

Nigel Gatherer, Crieff, Perthshire |