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SMG Mornin Mixed Instrument

SMG Morning Mixed Instrument Group

In a mixed instrument class, participants learn tunes and collaborate on arranging the tunes in an exciting way. It's less about the individual and more about learning to play with other instruments and creative an ensemble. During the course we'll be learning tunes and exploring arrangements, with the possibility of performance at a later date.

The next term starts on Wednesday 12th September 2018. Any questions you might have, please let me know.


Term A (Sep-Dec 2018)
Date No. Tunes MP3 PDF
12/9 A1 A Bucket Full
Down to Road to Galloway
[MP3] SMG Mornin Mixed Instrument

This term (and part of next)
we're doing a project
exploring new tunes by
contemporary Scottish musicians.
Download the book of music:

Staff notation
Mandolin tab
Ukulele tab
Whistle notation
19/9 A2 The Gamekeeper's Cottage [MP3]
26/9 A3 Hangin' Out the Windows
Give it a Try
3/10 A4 Alison & Hugh's Wedding Waltz
The Bird Man of Chambers Street
10/10 A5 Tummelside [MP3]
17/10 XX Mid Term - No Class
24/10 A6 The Gathering
The Soup Dragon
31/10 A7 Campbell's Roup
Snow On Christmas Eve
7/11 A8 Roses of No Man's Land [MP3]
14/11 A9 Donald MacAulay
Lesley Shaw's
21/11 A10 Waltz for Susan [MP3]
28/11 A11 Recap
5/12 A12 End-of-Year Session
Term B (Jan-Mar 2019)
Date No. Tunes MP3 PDF
9/1 B1 Davidson the Luthier [MP3] These tunes are in the
Freshly Baked Collection
(see above)
16/1 B2 Jamie Laval's Welcome to Glasgow
Jamie Laval's Reel
All the tunes for the rest of the term are from the book
"Scottish Slow Session 2", available from my on-line store.
23/1 B3 25 Denis Murphy's Polka
    John Ryan's Polka
[MP3] [STD] [TAB] [UKE]
30/1 B4 37 The Rowan Tree [MP3] [STD] [TAB] [UKE]
6/2 B5 33 Pulling Bracken
    Happy We've Been A'thegither
[MP3] [STD] [TAB] [UKE]
13/2 XX Mid Term - No Class
20/2 B6 24 Off to California
    The Liverpool Hornpipe
[MP3] [STD] [TAB] [UKE]
27/2 B7 29 Flowers of Edinburgh
    Staten Island
[MP3] [STD] [TAB] [UKE]
6/3 B8 Monzievaird Hall
Johnnie Sangster
13/3 B9 31 Leaving Stornoway
    Cailin Mo Ruin-Sa
20/2 B10 39 Freedom Come-All-Ye [MP3] [STD] [TAB] [UKE]
Term C (Apr-Jun 2019)
Date No. Tunes MP3 PDF
24/4 C1 The Bonnie Toon o' Edinburgh [MP3] [STD] [TAB] [UKE] [WHI] [CEL]
1/5 C2 South Bridge of Edinburgh
Marchmont House
[MP3] [STD] [TAB] [UKE] [WHI] [CEL]
8/5 C3 Calton Hill 1
Calton Hill 2
[MP3] [STD] [TAB] [UKE] [WHI] [CEL]
15/5 C4 Bonnie Kate of Edinburgh [MP3] [STD] [TAB] [UKE] [WHI] [CEL]
22/5 C5 TANGO!
29/5 C6 Your choice
5/6 C7
12/6 C8
Name: Morning Mixed Instrument
Location: Gorgie Dalry Church
Day: Wednesdays
Time: 10am - 12noon
Last update: 13th Jan 2019 9.40pm

SMG Morning Mixed class photo

Nigel Gatherer, Crieff, Perthshire |