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SMG Slow Session Class
Name: Slow Session Class
Location:  Online
Day: Wednesdays
Time: 6.45-8.15pm
Last updated: 10th May 2021 3pm

SMG Slow Session Class

Because of the crisis, all SMG classes are being conducted online for the Spring term. For details about how this works, see below.

The Slow Session class was started by me many years ago and has now existed for fifteen years. The main idea was to build up a repertoire and learn to play with other people. The classroom activities are just that: tunes are learned, sets are compiled and music is played. The point of action is when the class is finished and we adjourn to The Slow Session at Gatherer's Inn where we are joined by others and our music is (not) played in a (real) pub setting.

I seek out suitable tunes for the class course, and each year a possible list of new tunes is proposed and worked through. Inevitably, some of these tune "stick" while others don't.

Class Schedule, Term C (April - June 2021)
Date Tunes
21/4 C1 The Sound of Sleat Scottish bagpipe reel
28/4 C2 Tomnahurich
The Milltimber Jig
Scottish jigs
5/5 C3 The Northern Lass
Valiant Joky
Scottish airs
12/5 C4
Andy Renwick's Ferret
The High Drive
Scottish bagpipe reels
19/5 C5 Garster's Dream
Da Brig
Shetland jigs
26/5 C6 Lochanside and
My Home Town
Scottish bagpipe retreats
2/6 C7 The Air Tune and
The Haunted House
Irish air & jig
9/6 C8 Lucy Farr's/The Stack of Barley Irish hornpipes
15/6 C9 My Singing Bird Irish song air
22/6 C10
Previous Classes:
Term B (Jan - Mar) 2021
31/3 B12 Recap
24/3 B11 Farewell to Whisky
Back o' Bennachie
17/3 B10 Doddie's Dream and
Johnny McIljohn's No.1
10/3 B9 Fond Return
Myles of Fun
3/3 B8 Morven's March
Elliot Finn MacDonald
24/2 B7
Da Slockit Light and
Da Ferry Reel
17/2 B6 Cherry Orchard Waltz and
Down Home Waltz
10/2  - -
Mid-term break, no class
3/2 B5 Leaving Uist and
27/1 B4
Flett from Flotta
20/1 B3 The Isle of Skye
13/1 B2 Harris Dance (2)
Harris Dance (1)
6/1 B1 The Skyline of Skye
Morag of Dunvegan
Term A (Sep - Dec 2020)
2/12 A12 Recap
25/11 A11 The Periwig
The Night we Had the Goats
Elizabeth's Big Coat
18/11 A10 Da Day Dawn
11/11 A9 Roses of No Man's Land
4/11 A8 Mary Young & Fair
Mangaster Voe
28/10 A7
Marion MacLean of Eoligarry
21/10  - -
Mid-term break, no class
14/10 A6 The Bear Dance
Black Mountain Air
7/10 A5 Seonaidh's Tune
She Put her Knee on the Old Man
30/9 A4
Wild Rose of the Mountain
23/9 A3 Gie Us a Drink of Water
Lexie MacAskill
16/9 A2 The Braes of Locheil
Mrs Campbell of Shinness
9/9 A1 The Scattery Island Slide
The Old Favourite
Attending the Class

In order to participate, you need the Zoom app. When it's time for the workshop, by clicking the "Join Session" button on the right, you will be asked if you wish to download Zoom. Agree (it's free and quick to download). Most of the time I'll switch everyone's microphone off and you'll only hear me, but every so often I'll switch individuals on and ask how they're doing.

 Join Class
Meeting ID:  951 9898 5207
Passcode:  SMG-SlowS
Day:  Wednesdays
Time:  6.45-8.15pm

NB: For the rest of the term, the link to join the class will be the same, as will the meeting ID and the password, should you need them.

Nigel Gatherer, Crieff, Perthshire |