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SMG Slow Session Class
Name: Wed Slow Session
Location: Gatherer's Inn
Day: Wednesday
Time: 8.20-9.20pm
Last updated: 15th May 2022 10pm
Date Tune
24/4 C1
4/5 C2
11/5 C3
18/5 C4
25/5 C5
1/6 C6
8/6 C7
15/6 C8
Leaving Stornoway
Caillin Mo Ruin Sa
Soldier's Joy
Mrs MacLeod
Barnyards Delgaty
Hopeful Lover
The Brolum

The Wednesday Slow Session at Gatherer's Inn

Each Wednesday evening after the SMG classes, I run an online slow session from 8.20 to 9.20pm. Each week we particularly concentrate on a specific tune (listed below), and then play through some of our regular slow session tunes, also available below.

The session is open to everyone. To join, use the button below.

This week's main tune: Mrs MacLeod plus:
Soldier's Joy
Bethany's Waltz
Flowers of Edinburgh
Barren Rocks of Aden
Hector the Hero
Trip to Pakistan
Eleanor of Usan
 Join Session  Passcode: NSloS    •    Meeting ID: 891 2054 6933

The session is free, but if you would like to show your appreciation and support further endeavours please use the donate button:

ways of
e01. Bonnie at Morn
e02. Flatwater Fran
e03. Trip to Pakistan set
e04. North Turned South set
e05. Leaving Friday Harbour
e06. The Brolum
e07. Calum's Road set
e08. Baron's Heir set
e09. Stroopie Brae set
e10. Waltz for Kylin
e11. Fingal's Cave set
e12. McKechnie's Farewell
e13. Bethany's Waltz
e14. Miss Rowan Davies
e15. The Sleeping Tune
e16. Margaret's Waltz set
e17. Doddie's Dream
e18. Maggie West's/Farquhar's
e19. Roses of No Man's Land
e20. Sarah Nelson set
01. Peat Fire Flame set
02. Boys of Blue Hill set
03. Memories of Fr Angus
05. Snug in a Blanket set
07. Hector the Hero
08. Spootiskerry set
09. Barren Rocks set
10. Banks of the Allan set
12. Glenside Polkas
16. Oyster Wives set
17. Battle of the Somme set
18. Ronas Voe set
21. Salmon Tails set
24. Off to California set
25. Denis Murphy's set
26. Music o' Spey
29. Flowers of Edinburgh set
40. The Dark Island
41. Sweet Maid of Glendaruel
42. King of the Fairies
45. Ballydesmond Polkas
52. Wee Tod set
53. Mrs Forbes's Farewell set
71. Haughton House
73. Battle of Waterloo
75. Wi a Hundred Pipers set
c02. Flett from Flotta
c13. Eleanor of Usan
i02. East at Glendart
i05. Eibhlin
i06. The Rights of Man
i07. Road to Lisdoonvarna set
i10. Shoe the Donkey set
i11. Her Mantle So Green
i17. Sheebeg and Sheemore
g36. Kelvingrove set

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