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A Wonderful World
Name: Wonderful World
Location: Gatherer's Inn
Day: Tuesdays
Time: 4-4.45pm
Last updated: 17th Nov 2020 1pm

A Wonderful World Session at Gatherer's Inn

This online session is all about World Music. Each week we'll look at music from different countries around the world, taking time time to learn a new tune every week, and playing through our repertoire. Feel free to suggest tunes or countries to explore, and check out my existing World Music Collection which has a growing selection of music from many different cultures.

Session Schedule, Sept - Nov 2020
Date Tunes
22/9 WW1 Germany:
Dahlhoff Tantz I/107a
Dahlhoff Tantz I/109b
29/9 WW2 Finland:
Vals fran Savola
6/10 WW3 Brazil:
A Rosa Vermelha
Morenita do Brazil
13/10 WW4 Portugal:
Balsa Rastreira
Valsa a Dios Passos
20/10 WW5 France:
Scottish a Virmoux
Polka du Dede
27/10 WW6 Asturias:
Salton De Candamu
3/11 WW7 Russia:
Obsaja Kadril
10/11 WW8 Greece:
Myrties tou Maiou
17/11 WW9 England (Northumberland):
Holmes's Fancy
Stagshaw Bank Fair
Lasses Pass the Brandy
24/11 WW9 England (Cotswold Morris):
Old Molly Oxford
Brighton Camp
1/12 WW9 Bulgaria
Joining the Session

In order to participate, you need the Zoom app. When it's time for the workshop, by clicking the "Join Session" button on the right, you will be asked if you wish to download Zoom. Agree (it's free and quick to download).

Most of the time I'll switch everyone's microphone off and you'll only hear me, but every so often I'll switch individuals on and ask how they're doing.

 Join Session
Meeting ID:  923 1816 7536
Passcode:  wonderful
Day:  Tuesdays
Time:  4.00-4.45pm

The session is free, but if you would like to show your appreciation and support further endeavours please use the donate button:

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