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Good morning from your latest Recruit
Hello everyone.... and thank you to Nigel for adding me. 

I am Emma, 
An enthusiastic fiddle Tayside.

I have been playing fiddle for a meer six years, and am totally smitten. As a late starter I think perhaps I have committed to this more than anything else in all my days.  Sad 

I am predominantly self taught, having never previously played any instrument. I had to teach myself which end to blow into, at the same time as learning to decipher the dots, and with absolutely no background or previous experience of Scottish music I needed to listen and!

Fast forward six years, I now go to as many sessions as my health, and marriage, will allow...3-4 a week.   I am at the stage where I can *hear and feel* the music, as well as being fairly proficient dot reader..... the best of both worlds. Big Grin

So I will rake through the posts and resources, try to learn who you all are, and look forward to 'chatting' later.
Pikilily aka Emma T

Hello Emma, and welcome to the forum.  Although not the busiest of places, there is a great deal of useful and entertaining material to be had on the various pages, and the site has an amazing collection of music thanks to Nigel's efforts.

Your Tayside base is a bit far from my own area here in the Cowal Peninsula of Argyll, but you'd be welcome to our small weekly session in MacClure's Bar in Dunoon on a Thursday evening.  

Happy playing, and keep posting!

Welcome, Emma.

It's not as busy as The Session here but there's lots of good resources.

Unfortunately, we lost a lot of good discussions and quite a few members when the original forum crashed but a few of the mainstays are still here. If you need any help or advice, I'm sure someone will respond.

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