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Brian McNeill
Having purchased Brian MacNeill and  Ian MacIntosh's Live and Kicking Album.  I really liked their set of Boy's lament for his Dragon/The flower of Denmark's Winter/Kenmure's On an' Awa'. I already had thee first and last tune but could not find the  middle tune, "The flower of Denmark's Winter" anywhere. So I contacted them  on its source and was informed that the tune was written by Brian, furthermore it has never been written down and if I was willing to wait he would produce the dots and send them to me.  
Well I have had a couple of artists saying they would do this for me, in the past, but nothing has ever materialised. 
So you can imagine my surprise last week when I  received and email from Brain with the dots attached, so now I am spending time trying to learn the tune, and looking forward to playing the set in the future. 
 Just a public thanks to Brian for taking time out to give me his tune.



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