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St Giles Cathedral
Music 2 
St Giles Cathedral

[Image: j2b4m0t.jpg]

On this day (1st September) in 714, the Greek evangelist Aegidius (St Giles) died. He is the patron saint of Elgin, and of Edinburgh, where the city's main cathedral is named for him. I composed this tune in the style of John Sheehan, whose Dublin cathedral tunes I much admire.

The tune was done at one of my workshops, and the sound file can be heard here.
Nice tune, Nigel.

I immediately thought of John Sheahan myself when I saw the title and style of tune.

Of course, it's competely different and quite original in it's own right but it was very good and honest of you to credit John for the inspiriation.
Thanks, JAJ. I was speaking to Stan Reeves last night and I was reminded that many years ago he said to me, "Why do people write new tunes when there are so many great ones which exist already?" The fact is, some people can't help composing new music, and I'm one of them.
I wasn't criticising, Nigel.

We need new tunes too.

I also get Stan's point but I've more of an issue with "new songs" as opposed to tunes.

Possibly because a melody has to be good and interesting enough to stand out on its own whereas mediocre lyrics can often be carried by a good tune(often an older "Borrowed" tune). Of course, it can also happen the other around too.
I also feel that many great songs go neglected because so many people focus too much on "own compositions".  There seems to be a much better balance in the "tunes world".

Sorry, if all of the above is slightly "off topic".
"I wasn't criticising, Nigel..."

Och, I know. I was just thinking out loud, nothing to do with your post.

"Sorry, if all of the above is slightly "off topic"."

Not at all - it's great to get any comments here. 

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