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Tune Books
My name is Nigel and, and, I'm a tune book-aholic. I've got hundreds of the things, and I love them. The majority are Scottish, but I've got a load of Irish, old-time, Cape Breton, etc as well. There's no way I've got 'em all - it's probably not possible, but here's a challenge: what ones have you got that I might not have? For every one you come up with, I'll post a new tune...
Are you talking about the actual "books" as opposed to the tunes, Nigel?

(06-09-2019, 09:01 AM)JAJ Wrote: Are you talking about the actual "books" as opposed to the tunes, Nigel?

I do have a few more obscure tune books which I'll mention later. Some are related to specific instruments though. Does this count?
Everything counts. And yes, books. I was looking at my bookshelves and thinking of the hundreds of tune books I have - just musing.
Some possibilities...

Eric Allan from Inverness is a prolific tune composer.

Some of his books are as follows
The Loch Ness Collection
The Drumossie Collectiopn
The Culloden Collection.

Eric and his wife Helen also republished as "Highland Music Trust" originally The Balnain Trust(?) The McIntosh Collection, The Athole Collection, Highland Collections which I also have, among others.

I also came accross a book called "The piper's day" Regimental Tunes of The Queens Own Scottish Highlanders... They were selling them off for about a £1 each at Fort George a few years ago. Quite a bargain.

Oh do you have Freeland Barbour's "The Music and the land"?  Two huge hard back volumes with lots of great stuff. I treated myself at the launch a couple of years back.

I have many more suggestions but I'll mention them just a few at a time. 
I'm afraid I've bought too many books too.  Smile
1) The Loch Ness Collection (Eric Allan)
2) The Drumossie Collection (Eric Allan)
3) The Culloden Collection (Eric Allan)

That's 3 tunes I owe you. The only one of his I've got is 

4) The Highland Collection (Eric Allan, Inverness 1993). 

5) The Piper's Day - Regimental Duty Tunes of The Queens Own Highlanders (Inverness, 1991)

Yes, I've got that one, but I don't know where I got it. It's a handsome book, but not much good for playing music from because the pages don't stay open.

6) The Music and the Land (Freeland Barbour, Edinburgh 2015 - 2 vols)

Yes, although I lent it to an accordionist and didn't get it back for over a year. It's a remarkable collection and a beautiful book.

Thanks JAJ, and well done. Three tunes, let me see now...

The Train to Glasgow
Brudesmarsj fra Jelsa
Tom Tolley's Hornpipe

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