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folk accompaniment on mandolin
I had a go at playing my mando with other folk musicians - something I have building up my courage to do for years. It was lovely if a bit fast for me (which is fine). The one thing I really noticed was I couldn’t actually hear myself over the violins. However at one point the other mandolinist strummed and it sounded wonderful. So that got me thinking that doing that (instead of plucking the tune) would be a good thing for me to learn to add to our local get together. The thing is I’m no good at chords and strumming. 

So I have begun virtual lessons focusing on chords and strumming however this isn’t specific to folk accompaniment but is defo proving useful. I have been googling and you-tubing folk accompaniment and found some great videos (Daoiri Farrell and Folk Friend) but these are for guitar. I’ve also been looking at bluegrass mandolin.

My question is are there any resources or someone who specifically covers folk accompaniment on the mandolin? 

Any advice would be much appreciated.



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