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Leslie's Bar slow session
Is the slow session at Leslie's Bar in Causewayside still going?
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Yes, but we're running into some problems. So far this term it has been cancelled - by the pub - because of a football game (Celtic in Europe). It may be time to start looking about for a new venue. It should be safe for next Wed, 5th Oct.
Cancellations due to football games are par for the course but, apparently, this was a very special match. Tongue 

So, unless there are other issues, it is probably wothwhile hanging in there. It seemed very friendly and hospitable on the times I visited.

Sadly, most pubs will give football matches priority these days but Scotland and/or its teams never last in tournaments for too long...fortunately.   Big Grin
Well that was a waste of an evening.

Nobody there.

It would have been very difficult to play anyway since the pub was heaving (dunno why, not football).
07895 860 060
It was cancelled at the last minute, unfortunately, because the Hash House Harriers were there - hence the heaving. I think it might be time to look for another venue.
So how did everyone but me know not to come? The bar staff didn't know about the cancellation - they expected us at 8.30 and said we'd be in the right-hand alcove.
07895 860 060
Presumably most of the regulars will be Nigel's class or in contact with them?
It's always helpful to let the bar know too, of course.

These things happen though.....
Sounds like a conspiracy out of the murky depths of local politics, Jack.  Oh wait, this is a music forum and not a political one! Huh Rolleyes
Since my health problems Mairi Robertson (harp) took on the responsibility for liaison with the bar, and she emailed people. But I agree that it's not a great system, and I'll put my mind to solving the problems. I'm particularly sorry about your wasted time, Jack, because you've not popped into Leslie's as often as some of the other venues.
Twitter is probably the most effective way of doing that sort of notification - Mairi did a great job but it must have been a lot of work.
07895 860 060

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