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Playing a tune
(09-03-2018, 04:08 PM)JAJ Wrote: You'll probably also be aware that there's lots of good technology to assist these days in slowing down tunes so that you can pick them up more easily.

In the old days, we use to try things like playing a reel to reel tape recorder at half speed. Then some small recording walkmans also adopted such a facility.
Another ploy by some budding players was to play an 33 and a 3rd LP record at 16 Revs which was almost half speed. Not all decks had the 16RPM option though.

Nowadays, there are lots of good computer programmes which can do this, e.g. Amazing Slowdowner although I've always used Transcribe. However, you can also slow down Windows Media player and You Tube these days.  Transcribe is great as you can even change the pitch into a "friendlier" key, if desired.


I use AnyTune Pro+ on my MAC and iPad which works really well for me. The problem I have is that I was not really into Celtic/Scottish/Folk music until I lived in Dublin in the mid 90s then I began to appreciate it. My brother played in a folk band in the early 70s and although I use to take him around I wasn't really into the music, despite going to seeing most of  the main Scottish folk bands.


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