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Mandolin Tutorial - Lesson 1.1




2 MandosWELCOME TO THE WEIRD and wonderful world of the mandolin. This beginners course is intended to get you started on the mandolin, and give you an introduction to Scottish music and other musics of the world on the way. At times you will get frustrated at your seeming lack of progress, but unless you are completely tone deaf and inept you'll end up surprising yourself.

At first we will be learning how to tune the instrument, how to use the plectrum, how to use our left and right hands, and various specialist techniques. In addition we'll be looking at the various forms of Scottish music and learning our first tunes.

Once you have the basics, we will extend our knowledge of technique and also look at various types of music from Irish and American (Bluegrass, Old-time, Blues and Jazz), to classical and beyond. The tunes will be given in staff notation and tablature, and a tape containing the musical examples will be available.

The emphasis is on FUN, but that's not to say it won't be hard work; but it will be worth it.


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