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Like many, many people, I saw all my work disappear in the space of two days due to you-know-what. However, I've managed to transfer a lot of what I do - teaching traditional music - online.

Soon I'll reveal a comprehensive list of courses which people can make use of, but I will continue a few open, free sessions in which anyone can join in. In the mean time, all the open sessions will be listed here.


GFW Monday Slow Session

Just One Uke

The Whistle Stop
 SMG Wednesday Slow Session


Session Name Date Time
Whistle Stop Wed 29th Apr 4.00-4.45pm
SMG Wednesday Slow Session Wed 29th Apr 7.30-8.30pm
Mandomania 3 Thu 30th Apr 4.00-4.45pm
CUG Uke-Meet 07 Fri 1st May 6.30-7.25pm
GFW Monday Slow Session Mon 4th May 6.45-7.30pm
Just One Uke 03 Tue 5th May 4-4.45pm
 Nigel Gatherer, Crieff, Perthshire | nigelgatherer@mac.com