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The Loose Moose Ceilidh Band

Scottish ceilidh band

The Loose Moose Ceilidh Band were formed by fiddler Rosa Michaelson (Sprangeen), Jim Leighton (later in An Teallach), Colin Allison, Dave McNally and Angus Wares.

Any more information about the group would be gratefully received: email me. Some of the band's recorded output is detailed below.

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The Loose Moose Ceilidh Band (Lomoco Records, CD001, 1992)

Bessie MacKinnon (MacKinnon)/The Theif of Lochaber/Minnie Hynd (MacLean)/Donnie MacGregor (McPherson); Breton Medley/Ronan Sicar's Jig (Sicar); Caledonian Laddie; McHugh's/King's Favourite/Hadden's Gift; The Poppy Leaf/Alexander's Hornpipe/The Golden Eagle; Star Dust (McNally)/Timewarp (McNally); John McColl's March to Kilbowie Cottage (Lawrie)/Jessie Henderson (Pitkeathly); My Tocher's the Jewel/Why Can't We Get Along? (Charnes); Slanty Gart; Chez Seychelles; Angus Sutherland (Williamson)/John Rechnagel's Fancy (MacDonald)/Maggie's Pancakes (Morrison); The Staple Project (McNally)/Martha's Vineyard (McNally)/The Pisa Project (McNally)/

All tracks traditional except where indicated

Colin Allison (acoustic, electric and bass guitars); Jim Leighton (accordion, synthesisers); Dave McNally (Smallpipes, Highland pipes, whistles, wind synthesiser); Rosa Michaelson (fiddle, triangle); Angus Wares (mandolins, acoustic guitar, tiple)