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Beggar's Mantle

beggar's mandtleThis Fife duo consisted of Bruce Davies and Bill McArthur. Davies, from Kirkcaldy, started playing at the age of 14, but it was in 1983 with Beggar's Mantle that he became better known. The duo produced four recordings an continued performing till 1999. Bruce launched a solo career and is still touring and recording (visit his website at www.brucedavies.com).

Bill McArthur also toured and performed as Crann Tara with Stuart Duncan and Gillian Duncan (both ex-Jacobites). They performed under that name as well as Moonshine for eight years. Sadly, three months after deciding to cut down on work, Bill died suddenly of a heart attack in November 2002 aged 52.

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Beggars Mantle: Milestone (Milestone Recordings CMS 001R, 1984)
(Later reissued on Lochshore LOCLP 1015)

Side One: Barnyards o' Delgatie; The Massacre of Glencoe (J McLean); Roses of Prince Charlie (Ronnie Browne); Jock o' Hazeldean (W Scott); Wee China Pig (Eric Bogle); Lament for the Men In Carlisle (B Davies/W McArthur)/Loch Lomond
Side Two: The Wee Scots Lad; My Wee Laddie (M Kerr); Aye Waukin' O (R Burns); The Braes o' Mar; Mo Man's Land (Eric Bogle); Mingulay Boat Song

All tracks traditional unless otherwise noted

Bruce Davies (vocals, guitar, banjo, recorder, bass guitar), Bill McArthur (vocals, guitar, whistle) with Alan Kay (double bass), Ricahrd Diplacito (keyboards), Ian Harrower (snare drum)


Beggars Mantle: Home That I Love (Lochshore LOCLP 1036, 1986)

Side One: Home That I Love (Bruce Davies); Gentle Annie (T Makem); All God's Creatures (B Staines); Broom o' the Cowdenknowes (trad); Friends of Mine (Harvey Andrews); The Carrick Hills (D McCrone/C Jack)
Side Two: The Beggar's Mantle (Bruce Davies/A Sorensen); Whiskey On a Sunday (Seth Davey) (G Hughes); Rantin' Rovin' Robin (trad); Love's Rising Sun (Nick Keir); Rilling Hills of the Border (Matt McGinn); Will Ye No Come Back Again (trad)

Bruce Davies, Bill McArthur

Beggars Mantle: Going Places (Scotdisc KITV 436, 1987)

Side One:
Side Two:

Bruce Davies, Bill McArthur

Beggars Mantle: The Quest for Scotland (Scottish Tourist Board, 1987)

Bruce Davies, Bill McArthur