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Scottish Fiddlers

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Last update: 18th Feb 2013

Scottish Fiddlers

Tom Anderson    A giant in Shetland fiddling, Anderson was a pioneering collector of Shetland fiddle tunes and styles. He was a founder member of the Shetland Fiddle Band, better known as 'The Forty Fiddlers'. Among his many students are Aly Bain and Catriona Macdonald. He was also a prolific composer of tunes, Da Slockit Light possibly being the most well known.
Tom Anderson Discography | Shetland Fiddle Music Discography |
Jim Barrie    Plays with the Wallochmor Ceilidh Band.
Discography |
James Barnett (1847-1898)   From Kirkwall, Orkney.
Biography | See also Orkney Fiddle Music.
Magnus Brough    19thC fiddler from Shetland
Biography |
John Bruce (1720?-1785)   John Bruce was a fiddler from Braemar originally, but later settled in Dumfries. Supposed to have composed the popular air Whistle O'er the Lave O't (abc).
The Cameron Men (1930s)   Three fiddling brothers from the Newtyle area in Angus.
Discgraphy |
Angus Cameron (   A teacher.
John Cuthbert (1778-c1848)   A fiddler from Crieff in Perthsire, who played with Niel Gow on occasion. Biography |
Ian Cutler    Played with the Bully Wee Band.
Discography |
James F Dickie (b1886)   James Fowlie Dickie was a resepcted fiddler in his time, and there are a couple of recordings of him (unfortunately recorded when he was well past his prime). He had a very idiosyncratic style, owing somewhat to his admiration of Scott Skinner.
George Faux    Played with the Shetland group Hom Bru.
Chuck Fleming    Originally from Loanhead, just outside Edinburgh, Chuck briefly graced the line-ups of The JSD Band and Five Hand Reel, Scotland's vanguard of folk-rock. He recorded an LP with Gerry Kaley in 1985, Shake Loose the Border.
Captain Simon Fraser (1773-1852)   Born at Ardachie near Fort Augustus, Fraser is best known for his collection of Gaelic airs first published in 1815. He was also a skilled composer, and, according to Captain Macdiarmid (a respected fiddler of the day), "I never heard anyone make the fiddle speak Gaelic so beautifully." Amongst his best compositions are The Highland Troop, The Beauty of the North, and Caledonia's Wail for Niel Gow
Ron Gonnella   Fiddler, publisher, composer, 1960s and 70s.
Discography |
Nathaniel Gow   Fiddler, publisher, composer
Biography |
Charles Hardie (1849-1893)   Son of William Hardie, and regarded as one of the best fiddlers of his day. Scott Skinner considered that Charlie excelled in slow airs and light reels and hornpipes, particularly Banks. He was a carpenter and also worked with an Aberdeen photographer named Wilson.
Bill Hardie    From Aberdeen, Bill Hardie was born into the redoubtable Hardie fiddling dynasty.
Discography |
Derek Hoy    Edinburgh. Played with Jock Tamson's Bairns.
Discography |
Hiram Hosie    Fiddler from the 78rpm era.
Discography |
Gibbie Hutchison    Fiddler from the Whalsay, Shetland.
Bobby Jamieson   Shetland fiddler from Yell who played for his first dance in 1907. He was a founder member of The Cullivoe Traditional Fiddle Band.
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James C Johnstone   Orcadian fiddler and composer.
Biography/Discography | Orkney Fiddle Music |

Ian Laing   Originally from Buckie, Ian Lang showed great promise as a violinist, eventually becoming leader of the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain. However, he opted to study medicine, and for more than thirty years he has worked in the neonatal department of the Simpson Memorial Maternity Pavilion in Edinburgh. He continues to play fiddle for fun.
Douglas Lawrence   From Buckie. Winner of the 1977 National Fidlle Championship.
William Marshall   One of Scotland's great fiddler/composers.
Biography |
Hector MacAndrew   (1903-1980) from Fyvie.
Discography |
David McCallum   (1897-1972) from Kilsyth.
Discography |
Peter Milne   Composer of a small but heavenly canon of Scottish fiddle tunes.
Biography |
Donald Montgomery   From Alloa.
Mackenzie Murdoch   A fiddler from the 78 era.
Discography |
Orkney Fiddle Music
A short essay on fiddle music from Orkney.
Gary Peterson    Played with the Shetland group Hom Bru.
Ian Powrie    (1923-2011) Born at Strathardle, nr Blairgowrie, Perthshire. At age 12 Ian was playing in his father's dance band, and in 1949 he formed his first band, playing fiddle while his brother Bill played accordion. Ian's dance band played for many years at the top of the scene.
Discography |
Arthur Scott Robertson    (1911-2000) Born in Bressay, Shetland, Robertson took fiddle lessons from the legendary Gideon Stove, and later J Murdoch Henderson, adopting the North-East style..
Discography |
James Stewart Robertson   Founder member of the Edinburgh Strathspey & Reel Society and compiler of The Athole Collection.
Biography |
Lindsay Scott   Joined The JSD Band in 1971 after being spotted playing fiddle at the Thurso Folk Festival.
Thomas B Shaw   Scottish fiddler, composer.
Biography/Discography | Detailed Discography |
Shetland Fiddle Music Discography
The start of a Shetland discography.
Alec Sim   Scottish fiddler, composer.
Biography |
James Scott Skinner   Revered composer of over 600 tunes in the Scots idiom.
Biography | ABC collection
Rob Smith   Shetland fiddler and composer of the celebrated tune, Sandy Bell's Hornpipe
George Stark   Itinerant blind fiddler from Dundee who paid regular visits to Shetland between 1902 and 1938. He was often accompanied by a guitarist.
Yla Steven   Edinburgh teacher. Recorded a few albums, both solo and with other artists.
Discography |
Chris Stout   Shetland fiddler and member of Fiddler's Bid.
Tom Spiers   Aberdeen. Played with the group The Gaugers.
George I Taylor   A celebrated fiddler from Aberdeen. Although Taylor played left-handed, his violin was strung normally. His father was the Left-Handed Fiddler of the famous tune by James Scott Skinner.
Carl Volti   19th Century contributor to Kerr's Merry Melodies.
Biography |
Willie Wright   Founder member of Fife Strathspey & Reel Society

Nigel Gatherer, Crieff, Perthshire |