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The Bully Wee Band

I know very little about the group. Some of the group's personnel: Jim Yardley (vocals, guitar, mandolin, whistle); Phil Moore (keyboard); Colin Reece (vocals, guitar); Ian Cutler (violin, viola, keyboard, vocals); Fergus Feeley (mandocello, vocals) John Yardley (guitar, vocals); Maartin Alcock Any other info would be gratefully received (email me).



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Bully Wee (Folksound FS102, 1975)

Side One: Trooper and the Maid; The Friar's Britches/The Road to Boyle; The Beggar Wench; From the North; Up and Down again/The Kid on the Mountain; Highland Harry
Side Two: The Jolly Tinker/Rolling in the Rye Grass; The Road to Dundee; Arthur McBride; The Three Healths; The Lark in the Morning/Morrison's Jig; Three Gypsies.

Jim Yardley (vocals, mandolin, guitar); John Yardley (vocals, guitar); Frank Simon (vocals, guitar, whistle); Ian Cutler (fiddle)

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Enchanted Lady (Red Rag RRR007, 1976)

Side One: Kinkora Jig/Behind the Haystack/Willie Coleman's Jig; The Cowdenknowes; The Trumpet Hornpipe/The Mointeach Reel; The Jolly Beggar/The Meadow
Side Two: Martin Wynns No2; Enchanted Lady/Boys O'The Lough/Green Fields of Ross Beigh; Cold Haily Windy Night; The Banks of the Suir/Cortes Gardens; The Snows

All tracks traditional

Ian Cutler (violin, organ, harmony vocal), John Yardley (solo vocal, harmony vocal, guitar), Frank Simon (melody on guitar, jazz accompaniment, whistle, harmony vocal), Jim Yardley (mandolin, harmony vocal, solo vocal)


The Silvermines (Red Rag Records, RRR017, 1978)

Side One: The Kielder Hunt; Strike the Gay Harp/The Blarney Pilgrim; The Hills of Ardmorn (Roy Williamson); Leitrim Town/The Master Crowley/Kitty's Wedding; Open the Door
Side Two: The Silvermines/Lady Anne Montgomery; The Road to Dundee; Arrival (Ulvaeus/Anderssen)/Donnybrook Fair; Leaboy's Lassie

Jim Yardley (vocals, mandolin, guitar, whistle, bouzouki); John Yardley (vocals, guitar); Fergus Feely (bouzouki, cello, mandolin, vocals); Ian Cutler (violin, viola, organ, harmonium, vocals)

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The Madmen of Gotham (Jigsaw Records SAW 1, 1981)

Side One: The Madmen Of Gotham (Reece); The Girl That Broke My Heart; Tibby Dunbar; Cheapside; Margaret's Waltz
Side Two: Patrick The Fabulous Magician; Way Below the Tide (Reece); The Wedding At Stanton Drew (Reece); Geiranger (Cutler)/Gallagher's Frolics

All titles traditional unless otherwise noted.

Colin Reece (vocals, guitars); Jim Yardley (vocals, guitar, mandolin, whistle); Ian Cutler (violin, viola, keyboard, vocals); Fergus Feeley (cello-mandolin, vocals)
with Phil Moore (piano)