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David McCallum

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Last update: 20th Jul 2014

Finn MacCuill & Tony Ireland

Finn MacCuill were Madelaine Taylor, Tony Ireland, John Wilson and Nick Keir. Tony Ireland went on to a solo career which produced some great music but with unspectacular success. He lives in Germany and is married to a German woman. Nick Keir later joined The McCalmans, but sadly lost his fight with cancer in June 2013. Up until the early 1990s Tony Ireland was arranging the German gigs for The McCalmans.

David McCallum Finn MacCuill (c.1975)

The Bonny Ship the Diamond; Tunes; Lord Franklin; The Dances of Rhuendorf; Spence the Rover; Tunes; St Anton's Well; The Sheffield Grinder; Lowlands Away; Rose Rag

Nick Keir, Tony Ireland, John Wilson

Sink Ye, Swim Ye Finn MacCuill: Sink ye Swim Ye (REL REcords REL 460, 1978)

Side One: Birnie Bouzle; Newry Town; Mary Hamilton (trad/Keir); The Friar Well Fitted (trad/Wilson); The Shearing; New Jigs
Side Two: The Minstrel (Keir); The Little Drummer; The Gaberlunzie Man; The Poachers; The Dancers of Ruhendorf (Wilson/Keir)

All songs traditional except where indicated

Madelaine Taylor (vocals, guitar, spoons); Tony Ireland (guitar, dulcimer, vocals); John Wilson (bass, guitar, vocals); Nick Keir (mandolin, vocals, recorders, whistle)

finni2.jpg - 6Kb The Wasteband: The Twa Corbies (Peak 3780, 1982)

Side One: Twa Recruitin' Sergeants/Dashing Whire Sergeant/Mrs McLeod; The Lowlands of Holland; Birnie Bouzle/The Blackthorn Stick; Summer Duet (Dougie Petrie); The Broom of the Cowdenknowes
Side Two: Lord Franklyn; The Gypsy Laddies; Table Bay (Dougie Petrie); The Twa Corbies; My Love Is But a Lassie Yet/The Soldier's Joy

All songs traditional except where indicated

Tony Ireland (vocals, guitars, dulcimer, tenor banjo, keyboards, percussion) Dougie Petrie (vocals, guitars, mandolin, whistle, mouth organ, percussion)
Hanne Weber (vocals)

finni2.jpg - 6Kb Tony Ireland: Johnny O'Cockley's Well (Peak 3581, 1983)

Side One: The Recruited Collier; Lanigan's Ball; Over the Borders/St Kilda Wedding/Connaught Man's Rambles; Jocj Stewart; Lord Yester (Goerge Weir); Cam Ye O'er Frae France?
Side Two: Johnny O'Cockley's Well; Corn Rigs; The Bonny Gateshead Lassie; Down By the Salley Gardens (Yeats/trad); Come Under My Plaidie/The Duke of Perth/The Deil Among the Tailors

All songs traditional except where indicated

Tony Ireland (vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, dulcimer, tenor banjo, keyboards, bass pedals, snare drum)

The Champion Tony Ireland: The Champion (Ireland Records IR2001, 1987)

Side One: Tae the Beggin'; The Turkish Girl (McNeill)/Hannah On the Mountain (McNeill)/Miss Catherine Jane Spree's (McNeill); My Bonny Mary (Burns/Ireland); Greenland Haul Away (John Wilson)/The Faries' Hornpipe/The Cameronian Reel; My Love's In Germany
Side Two: What You Do With What You've Got (Si Kahn); Alan Reid's Fancy (Alan Reid)/O'Carolan's Draught (O'Carolan); Traveller's Moon (Brian McNeill) The Champion (Nick Keir)

All songs traditional except where indicated

Tony Ireland (vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, dulcimer, tenor banjo, keyboards)
with Nick Keir (mandolin, vocals, whistle); Brian McNeill (fiddle, bouzouki, cittern); Derek Moffat (harmony vocals, bodhran); Ian McCalman (harmony vocals)

Lest We Forget Tony Ireland: Lest We Forget (1989)

Side One: The Mary Ellen Carter; Ordinary Man; Will Ye Gang Tae Flanders?/The Bloody Fields of Flanders; It Is Na, Jean; You Won't Get Me Down in Your Mines; Let Me in This Ae Nicht;
Side Two: The Plooboy Laddies; The Blarney Pilgrim/The Jig o'Slurs; All the Fine Young Men; Lest We Forget; Silo; The Bell Table Waltz/Lakewood; Down in the Wee Room

Tony Ireland: Live in Germany (Ireland Records, 1993)

Includes: You Won't Get Me Down in Your Mines;

Lest We Forget Finn MacCuill: Scottish Folk Music Legends (EP, REL Records, 2011) Tracks from 1978 LP Sink Ye, Swim Ye

Birnie Bouzie; Mary Hamilton (trad/Keir); The Little Drummer; The Gaberlunzie Man; New Jigs

Nigel Gatherer, Crieff, Perthshire |