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Hom Bru

Hom Bru formed in Shetland in 1978, and have gone through many line-up changes. An excellent history of the band can be found at their website, www.hombru.co.uk.

Any further information about Hom Bru would be gratefully received (email me).



First Swig

First Swig (cassette, 1978)

Side One: Nine Points Till Roguery; Greenland Whaling; Delta Dawn; Till the Rivers All Run Dry; Gardebylaten
Side Two: Never On a Sunday; Fiddler's Green; Banks of Newfoundland; The Alamo; Scotland the Brave

All tracks traditional except where indicated

Davie Henry (vocals, rhythm guitar, mandolin); Alec Johnson (bass, harmony vocals); Gary Peterson (drums, mandolin); Brian Nicolson (vocals)


Obadeea (Celtic Music CMCD009, 1982)

Christmas Day/The Bonnie Isle of Whalsay/Leather Breeches; Garebylatten; Lassie Lie Near Me; Chicago Reel/The Scholar/St Ann's Reel; Ragtime Jane (Jimmy Elliot); The New Song on the Turnout; The Brolum (Dr C Bannantyne)/Pete Da Mill (G Peterson); Janine's Shell (G Faux)/Sandy Bell's Hornpipe (R Smith); Unst Boat Song; Garster's Dream/Da Brig/Da Sooth End (W Hunter); Sandy Burn Reel (F Jamieson); Banks of the Bann; The Eighth Black Watch on Passchaendale Ridge (S Bremner)/John Murray of Lochee (J Hastings)

All tracks traditional except where indicated

Pete Miller (vocals, guitar, electric bass); George Faux (fiddle, mandolin, guitar, vocals); Gary Peterson (mandolin, tenor banjo, fiddle); Ivor Pottinger (guitar)


Rowin Foula Doon (1990)

Sylvia/Tulloch's Farewell Tae da Hagdale; Rowin Foula Doon; Huckleberry Hornpipe/Homesteaders Reel/Donkey Reel; Caledonia; Niamh's Capers/Toss the Feathers/The Pinch of Snuff; Shaskeen/Paddy Faheys/Fair Jenny; Miss Rowan Davies (P Cunningham); Smugglers; I'll Remember You This Way; Moving Cloud

All tracks traditional except where indicated

Pete Miller (vocals, guitar); Steven Spence (fiddle); Gary Peterson (mandolin, tenor banjo); Davie Henry (vocals, mandolin); Ivor Pottinger (vocals, guitar)

No Afore Time (2003)

Cooper's Reels: Millbrae/Miss Susan Cooper/Calum Donaldson/Mickey Ainsworth (R. Cooper); Da Sang o da Delting Lass (M.H. Odie); Susi's Waltz (D. Cahn); A Scarce O' Tatties/Angus McKinnon/My Kindly Sweetheart/The Aleis Dear/Jock Wilson's Ball; Da Sang o da Fisher Lad (James Isbister/John Nicolson); Recuerdos de la Alhambra (F. Tarrega); The Galway Hornpipe/The Poppy Leaf; Da Trowie Song (Linklater/Miller); Serendipity (G. Peterson); Joys of Quebec/Crooked Stovepipe/Mittens Breakdown/Arkansas Traveller/Golden Slippers; High Rocking Swing (Avants/Tennant); Da Lass o Hascosay (M.H. Odie); Bonnie Nancy (P. Cunningham); The Harley Ashtray (C. McKerron/M. Duff)/McPherson’s Strut (J. Unger); Simmer Dim (R.W. Isbister)

All tracks traditional except where indicated

Brian Nicolson (vocals, bass guitar); John Robert Deyall (fiddle); Gary Peterson (mandolin, tenor banjo); Davie Henry (vocals, mandolin); John Hutchison (vocals, guitar)