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The clarsach or harp is one of the oldest instruments played in Scotland. I have started compiling a list of notable players, and I'd be interested to hear of any others that might be added to the list. Email me with any suggestions.

Last updated: 23rd April 2005

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Jean Campbell

Cynthia Cathcart
A performer, teacher and researcher from Maryland USA. Cynthia plays wire-strung harp.
Cynthia's Website |

Margaret Collin
Phamie Gow
Phamie's website: www.phamiegow.com
Charles Guard
Played with The Whistlebinkies.
Katie Harrington
Corrina Hewat
Seannachie, Bachue, Shine.
Anne Heymann
William (Billy) Jackson
Ossian. Plays gut and wire harps.
Discography | Ossian Family Tree |

Mary Ann Kennedy
Played with The Whistlebinkies.
Alison Kinnaird
Several times winner of the Harp trophy at the Mod. Studied under Jean Campbell in Edinburgh.
Anne MacDearmid
Highly respected teacher of clarsach.
Kirsty Macgregor
Midlothian. Taught by Alison Kinnaird.
Maggie MacInnes
Catriona MacKay
From Dundee. Member of Fiddler's Bid.
Rhona MacKay
Played and sang with The Whistlebinkies.
Elise MacLellan
Studied under Savourna Stevenson. released a CD in 1998, Kiss on the Wind (KRL CDLDL 1272).
Mary Macmaster
Sileas, The Poozies
Karen Marshalsay
Performs traditional Scottish music with fingernail technique on a modern gut strung harp.
Jo Morrison
A nylon and gut-strung harper.
Jo's website |

Rosie Morton
Rosie's website |

Marie-Louise Napier

Judith Peacock
Played and sang with The Whistlebinkies. Now Judith Peacock Cummings, she lives in Seattle, USA.
Charlotte Peterson
Calluna. Born in Denmark but brought up in Scotland.
Patsy Seddon
Sileas, The Poozies
Savourna Stevenson

Wendy Stewart
Ceolbeg. She was taught by Jean Campbell of Edinburgh.
Bill Taylor

Sylvia Woods
USA. Played with Robin Williamson in The Merry Band.
Robin Williamson
Edinburgh. The Incredible String Band.

Scottish Harp Links

A very good resource for the wire-strung harp.

Cynthia Cathcart
A wire-strung harp player from the US, Cynthia is a teacher, performer, recording artists, and publisher of harp tutors and arrangements.

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