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  Chic Murray

Chic MurrayChic Murray was always a keen musician, playing several instruments in his life, including organ, piano, banjo, guitar, and mandolin. While working in the shipbuilding industry at 15, Chic started a hill-billy group with a pal, calling themselves The Whinhillbillies. They wore checked shirts, dungarees and false beards. Later the group expanded to four, adding guitar and washboard, and they'd sing songs such as "I'm Gonna Drink My Coffee from an Old Tin Can", "Steamboat Bill" and "China Doll", but more and more the act centred around the comic antics of Chic. The Whinhillbillies toured theatres around Scotland, but it wasn't long before Chic teamed up with Maidie (his wife), and eventually became a solo performer.