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  Kevin MacLeod

Kevin MacLeodKevin MacLeod plays with the successful Scottish ceilidh band The Occasionals (), but has also started building up a career playing mandolin solo and in various duets and ensembles. In 2001 he released Springwell, one of the few recordings dedicated to Scots music on the mandolin.

SpringwellKevin had played fiddle since the age of four, but it was when he was 15 and he heard the new wave of Irish groups with the magical sounds of Alec Finn's bouzouki (in De Dannan) and Andy Irvine's mandolin (in Planxty) that his instrumental route took a different turn, and the mandolin became one of his main interests.

Kevin became friendly with Alec Finn and Frakie Gavin of De Dannan, and was invited to become a roadie for the group on several American tours. Finn and Gavin guest on Springwell alongside other top musicians such as John Martin (Ossian, Easy Club, Tannahill Weavers, etc), Freeland Barbour (Silly Wizard, Wallochmore Ceilidh Band, etc) and Malcolm Jones (Runrig).

A CD of Scottish music on the mandolin is a rare occasion, and Kevin MacLeod is to be congratulated for his fine achievement. It leaves us waiting eagerly for the next one!