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Welcome to Nigel Gatherer's Tune Index. I have hundreds of tunes on the site in various formats and in various genres. I'd advise looking at the different indexes to see what's available. If you're interested in mandolin tablature, for example, the best thing to do is go straight to the tab index. If you're looking for a tune in any format, go straight to the general index. I hope you find it useful - email me with any comments, criticisms or links.

Nigel Gatherer


  • Nigel Gatherer's Tune of the Week
    A growing collection of tunes in standard notation and mandolin tablature to challenge and delight. These tunes are discussed weekly by people trying them out on The Gathering forum.
  • Mandolin Tablature
    Many tunes, mostly Scottish, but with a fair amount of Irish and American tunes too, all in standard notation and mandolin tablature.
  • Standard Notation
    A few tunes in standard notation only.
  • Tunes in Whistle Notation
    A growing number of tunes in whistle notation. For an explanation of this notation, click here.
  • Tunes in ABC format
    Hundreds of tunes, mainly Scottish, but with lots of Irish, American, and miscellaneous tunes too.
  • General Index
    All of the tunes on the site, for when you're looking for a tune in any format.
  • Songs
    A few Scottish song lyrics and notes, in text format.
  • Ukulele Songs
    A collection of songs arranged for the ukulele, with chord shapes.
  • My Beautiful Mandolin Friend
    A composition by Nigel Gatherer available for download in a number of formats. Presented in both solo and orchestral arrangements..
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