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The Gathering

The Gathering 2013

The second Gathering carried on the tradition started last year: a day of music, laughter, bonhomie and fun. The food was great, the company was great, the music was great. We even posed for a group photo outside in the glorious sun - paradise!

The Gathering 2013
The Music
The Gathering Tunebook The Gathering Tunebook 2 (2013)
All seven of The Gathering Tunebooks are available to purchase as digital downloads. For full details, click here.
Tunes in The Gathering Tunebook 2013
  • The Gathering Jig
  • Symon Brodie/Sussie
  • Down Home Waltz/Seneca Square Dance
  • Angus MacLeod/Jenny Lind Polka
  • Sarah's Song
  • Waltz of the Little Girls
  • The Corporal/Captain Byng
  • Farquhar & Hettie's/Maggie West's Waltz
  • Major Graham of Inchbrakie/The Landlady of Inver Inn
  • Bennachie Sunrise/Flowers of Edinburgh
  • Bonnie Galloway
  • Her Mantle So Green
  • Alistair's Jig/Mairi Robertson's Jig
  • Little Diamond/John Clifford's No.1
  • Cam Ye By Atholl?/The Lovat Scouts
  • Gentle Maiden/Believe Me If AllÉ/Black Velvet Band/Wild Colonial Boy
  • Kintail Lullaby/Farewell to the Glen
  • Battle of Waterloo/Cold Winds from Ben Wyvis
  • Dirty Old Town
  • Strathearn
  • Toureendarby Polka/The Hayden Fancy

The Participants
Jack Miller, mandolin, whistle
Jan Russell, mandolin
Mairi Robertson, harp, whistle
Tom Fernie, mandolin
Douglas Scott, mandolin
Anne Gass, flute
Anthea Deane, accordion
Frances McCall, guitar
Chris Mahoney, whistle
Margaret Potter, fiddle
William Craigie, fiddle
David Williamson, whistle
Claire Leach, mandolin
Ian Wilson, flute
Alison Woolerton, whistle
Dennis Kelly, melodeon
Madeleine Brand, accordion
Pauline Cowan, whistle
Alan Shute, accordion
Douglas Smith, keyboard
Steve Williams, mandolin
Ann Morrison, guitar
Graham Morrison, mandolin
Robert Thallon, mandolin
Alison Shannon, whistle
Derek Shannon, mandolin
Vic Williams, moothie
John Verth, mandolin
Heleen C-C, fiddle
Lilias MacDonald, fiddle
Bruce Stephen, flute
Myles Lobjoie, ukulele
Eddie Kerr, whistle
Duncan Sutherland, guitar
Robert Thomson, mandolin
Joan Thomson, flute
John Culbert, mandolin
Alison Schreiber, fiddle
Valerie McCutcheon, fiddle
Davie Strachan, guitar
Kevin McCann, mandolin
Nicola McNeill, concertina
Frank Murphy, banjo
John Lewis, fiddle
Catherine Lewis, mandolin
Stevie Neil, guitar
Ian Thomson, fiddle
Lorna Cammock, mandolin
Ellie Ellis, whistle
Maureen Stark
Charlotte, mandolin
Jake Boyle, smallpipes
Tony Collins, accordion

The Photos (Thanks to Tom Fernie and Lorna Cammock)
The Gathering 2013 The Gathering 2013
The Gathering 2013 The Gathering 2013
The Gathering 2013 The Gathering 2013
The Gathering 2013 The Gathering 2013
The Gathering 2013 The Gathering 2013
The Gathering 2013 The Gathering 2013
Location: British Legion,Crieff
Date: 25th May 2013
Time: 10.30am-4.30pm
The Gathering 2013 Group Photo

Nigel Gatherer, Crieff, Perthshire |