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The Gathering

The Gathering 2017

Double hat tricks for number six! The sixth annual Gathering in Crieff will take place once again at the Strathearn Artspace. Booking will open towards the end of April, but if you wish to acknowledge interest, use the button below, and I'll let you know when it's time (send the email as is, or add any other questions).

The Gathering

The Gathering 2015
The Music
The Gathering Tunebook The Gathering Tunebook 6 (2017)
Download Standard Notation with Chords

Standard Notation with Mandolin Tablature

Tunes in The Gathering Tunebook 2017
  • The Gathering Polka
  • Dream Valley of Glendaruel/Battle of the Somme
  • St Mary's Polka/Church Street Polka
  • The Crookit Bawbee/Ye Banks and Braes
  • The Burning Crieff
  • Seonaidh's Tune/Glenlyon/Miss Girdle
  • Boys of Blue Hill/Off to California
  • Nigel's Inspiration/Shute is Scary
  • The Cobbler/Miss Maria Stewart's
  • Liberty/The Hut on Staffin Island
  • Wells Waltz/Starry Night for a Ramble
  • Rowan Tree/Maxwelltown Braes
  • Mr & Mrs MacLean of Snaigow
  • The Black Douglas/Lammas Tide
  • St Giles' Cathedral
  • Farley Bridge
  • Bruce's Address
  • Many's the Thing/Tatties and Herring
  • The Piper's Ceilidh
  • Tighnabruaich/White Cockade
  • Highland Mary
  • Waltz for Kylin
  • Minstrel Boy/Kelly the Boy from Killane/Dawning of the Day
  • Sunset on Foula/Gathering Waltz

These fine people have reserved places:
  • Adelheid Cooney (flute)
  • Alan Shute (accordion)
  • Alison Schreiber (fiddle)
  • Alison Shannon (whistle)
  • Allan Sturrock (mandolin)
  • Ann Morrison (guitar)
  • Bill Craigie (fiddle)
  • Bryan Anderson (guitar)
  • Catherine Crawford (conc)
  • Cathy Davidson (fiddle)
  • Chris Mahoney (whistle)
  • Charlie Kennedy (mandolin)
  • David McKeggie (whistle)
  • David Stephenson (mla)
  • David Williamson (whistle)
  • Chris Mahoney (whistle)
  • Derek Shannon (mandolin)
  • Ellie Ellison (mandolin)
  • Frans Goedkoop (mandolin)
  • George Davidson (mandolin)
  • Graham Morrison (mandolin)
  • Heike Gleser (whistle)
  • Helen Quigley (clarsach)
  • Hilary Birch (recorder)
  • Iris Howitt (whistle)
  • Isobel Tulloch (mandolin)
  • Jan Russell (banjo)
  • Jane Culpan (melodeon)
  • John Culbert (mandolin)
  • John Verth (mandolin)
  • Joy Lowther (fiddle)
  • Judith Parsons
  • Madeleine Brand (acc)
  • Marilyn Morton (.....)
  • Mike Dixon (banjo)
  • Myles Lobjoie (harmonica)
  • Paul McBrien (mandolin)
  • Pauline Cowan (whistle)
  • Peter Beaven (mandolin)
  • Robert Harrison (mandolin)
  • Rosemary Campbell (fiddle)
  • Rachael Parks (.....)
  • Stevie Neil (guitar)
  • Ruth Hannah (melodeon)
  • Su Clark (mandolin)
  • Susan Johnson (acc/fiddle)
  • Tammy Adams (fiddle)
  • Tom Fernie (mandolin)
  • Tom Inglis (fiddle)

Location: Strathearn Artspace, Crieff
Date: 20th May 2017
Time: 10.30am-4.30pm
Updated: 26th Mar 2017 10.45pm
The Gathering 2016 Group Photo

Nigel Gatherer, Crieff, Perthshire |