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The Gathering

The Gathering 2018

In musical heaven for number seven! The seventh annual Gathering in Crieff will take place once again at the Strathearn Artspace on the 19th May 2018.

Please bring your music stand

The Gathering 2015


The Gathering costs £30.00, including lunch and teas/coffees. To gain a place at the event you can either pay the full amount, or a deposit of £10.00. This can be done by cheque (to my Crieff address), or in person, or using the button below to pay on-line.


Participants ( = deposit paid):

  1. Adelheid Cooney (fl)
  2. Alan Glass (mln)
  3. Alison Woolerton (whi)
  4. Andrew Norris (mln)
  5. Ann Morrison (gui)
  6. Anne Kelly (mla)
  7. Anne Murray (mln)
  8. Anne Wallace (fid)
  9. Annette Scott (uke)
  10. Bernie Hewitt (acc)
  11. Bill Craigie (fid)
  12. Bill Wallace (acc)
  13. Cathy Davidson (fid)
  14. Christina Mahony (whi)
  15. Christine Clark (fid)
  16. Dave McKeggie (whi)
  17. David Williamson (whi)
  18. Davy Strachan (gui)
  19. Dennis Kelly (mel)
  20. Diane Mullins (fl)
  21. Diego Gleser (bodhran)
  22. Donald Easton (fl)
  23. Douglas Scott (uke)
  24. Ellie Ellis (mln)
  25. Frances McCall (gui)
  26. Gary Skinner (?)
  27. George Davidson (mln)
  28. Geri Smyth (mln)
  29. Graham Morrison (mln)
  30. Heather Callaghan (mln)
  31. Heike Gleser (fid)
  32. Helen Quigley (harp)
  33. Ian Bain (mln)
  34. Ian Wilson (fid)
  35. Iona Macleod (mel)
  36. Iris Howitt (whi)
  37. Isabel Tulloch (mln)
  38. Jack Millar (mln)
  39. Jan Russell (bjo)
  40. Jane Culpan (mel)
  41. Janice Ross (fid)
  42. Jeanette Bain (harp)
  43. John Culbert (fid)
  44. John Shaw (fid)
  45. John Young (fid)
  46. Kenny Reay (gui)
  47. Madeleine Brand (acc)
  48. Maggie Gilvray (acc)
  49. Mairi Robertson (harp)
  50. Mandy Moffat (fid)
  51. Marie-Elaine Maguire (whi)
  52. Marilyn Morton (fid)
  53. Maureen Duffy (mln)
  54. Mike Dixon (bjo)
  55. Myles Lobjoie (bass)
  56. Paul McBrien (mla)
  57. Peter Dryborough (whi)
  58. Peter Verity (bass)
  59. Philip Cooney (gui)
  60. Robert Harrison (mln)
  61. Ruth Hannah (mel)
  62. Sandra Kinniburgh (fid)
  63. Simon Childs (gui)
  64. Su Clark (mln)
  65. Tom Fernie (mln)
  66. Tom Inglis (fid)
  67. Tom McCutcheon (mln)
  68. Valerie McCutcheon (fid)

Alison Woolerton
Cathy Davidson
Chris Mahony
Diane Mullins
Ellie Ellis
George Davidson
Jack Millar
Jan Russell
Madeleine Brand
Marie-Elaine Maguire
Peter Dryburgh
Ruth Hannah
  • 1st Pick-up: West Register House, Charlotte Square 8.45am
  • 2nd Pick-up: Ratho Station, around 9.10am
  • Bus leaves Crieff at 4.45pm
The Music

When you sign up for The Gathering, your "ticket" is a tunebook containing all the music - in order - we're going to be playing on the day. You'll get a properly printed version of the book to keep, but you can download a PDF copy of the book beforehand so that you can practise the tunes. If you require music in any other format, please let me know.

The Gathering Tunebook The Gathering 7 Tunebook
Download Standard Notation with Chords
Download Std Notation with Mando Tab
Download Album of MP3 soundfiles
Tunes in The Gathering Tunebook 2018
  • The Gathering Strathspey
  • Dornoch Links/Green-woodside
  • Glenside Polkas
  • The Stronsay Waltz/The Rope Waltz
  • Da Slockit Light
  • Castles in the Air/Brochan Lom
  • Boys of Blue Hill/Harvest Home
  • Mrs Jamieson's Favour-ite/High Road to Linton
  • Out On the Ocean/The Lilting Banshee
  • Da Ferry Reel/Lay Dee at Dee
  • Margaret's Waltz/Midnight On the Water
  • Barren Rocks of Aden/Campbell's Farewell
  • Ross Memorial Hospital
  • The Hundred Pipers/Drummond Castle
  • Glasgow Cathedral
  • Calmer Weather
  • Cam Ye By Athol?
  • Loch Torridon/Whelan's
  • Up an Awa' wi' the Laverock
  • Lochanside/When the Battle Is O'er
  • Lucy Farr's Barndance
  • Waltz for Kylin
  • Back o' Bennachie/Baryards o' Delgaty/Bonnie Lass o' Fyvie/Mormond Braes
  • The Wee Jan/The Gathering Waltz

Location: Strathearn Artspace, Crieff
Date: 19th May 2018
Time: 10.30am-4.30pm
Updated: 24th Apr 2018 9am
The Gathering 2016 Group Photo

Nigel Gatherer, Crieff, Perthshire |