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Name: Mandomania-07
Location:  Online
Day: Thurs 28th May
Time: 4.00-4.45pm
Last updated: 2nd Jun 2020 10pm
Mandomania 7
Mandolin Influences

Mandomania 7 was not about playing, but an exploration of influential mandolin players as discussed by important figures in the UK mandolin world. It was an enjoyable session, featuring conversations with Simon Mayor, Kevin MacLeod, Barbara Pommerenke and LauraBeth Salter.

Mandomania Kevin MacLeod
Barbara Pommerenke
Mandomania Simon Mayor
Mandomania Laura-Beth Salter
• Andy Irvine
• Frankie Gavin
• Alec Finn
• Andy Statman
• John Paul Jones
• Alison Stephens
• Alan Barty
• Jochen Ross
• Alison Stephens
• Chris Thile
• Nigel Gatherer
• Dave Swarbrick
• Takashi Ochi
• Hugo d'Alton
• Alison Stephens
• Mike Marshall
• John Moore
• Chris Thile
• Dan Tyminski
• Adam Steffey
• Iain MacLeod
• Luke Plumb
• Kevin MacLeod
• Dave Grisman

This workshop was free, but if you would like to show your appreciation and support further endeavours please use the donate button below:

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