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Mixter Maxter

Mixter Maxter 1 (October 2011)

The first Mixter Maxter in October 2011 was very successful. While many of the particpants were a little unsure of what to expect, we worked well together, and produced some excellent arrangements, some of which can be heard and seen below.

The Gathering 2014

Mixter Maxter 9 will be in the Autumn of 2016 at a venue to be confirmed. Want it to be near you? All that is required is a good hall and someone local for liaison. If you would like Mixter Maxter to come to your area, get in touch, and we can talk about it.

MM1 Participants:

Paul Cromey low whistle
Isla Kinnear accordion
Stephen Roberts bass
Ruth Hannah melodeon
Ian Hunter fiddle
Stephen Crofts guitar
John Verth mandolin
Gillian Hart fiddle
Peter Beaven mandolin
Charlotte Bryant mandolin
Charlie Kennedy mandolin
Catherine Lewis mandolin
John Lewis fiddle
Mairi Robertson harp
Dave J Ford accordion
Douglas Smith keyboard
Andrea Stanford concertina
Tom Fernie mandolin
Graham Topping mandola
K Douglas fiddle
Des Tierney mandolin

MM1 Music:

Mixter Maxter 01 Music Mixter Maxter 01 Music
Standard Notation Mandolin Tablature

MM1 Soundfiles:

MM1 Videos:

MM1 Photos:

Mixter Maxter 01 Mixter Maxter 01
Mixter Maxter 01 Mixter Maxter 01

Location: The Steeple, Newburgh, Fife
Date: 29th October 2011
Mixter Maxter 01 Group Photo

Nigel Gatherer, Crieff, Perthshire |