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Mixter Maxter

Mixter Maxter 3 (November 2013)

The third Mixter Maxter in November 2013 was, I think, a happy day. Some people - old hands now, came back and others arrived for the first time. The theme this year was "Fife" and all the tunes and songs were associated with the Kingdom of Fife.

The Gathering 2014

Mixter Maxter 9 will be in the Autumn of 2016 at a venue to be confirmed. Want it to be near you? All that is required is a good hall and someone local for liaison. If you would like Mixter Maxter to come to your area, get in touch, and we can talk about it.

MM3 Participants:

Madeleine Brand accordion
Anne Gass flute
Valerie McCutcheon fiddle
Davy Strachan guitar
Ann Morrison guitar
Graham Morrison mandolin
Derek Shannon mandolin
Myles Lobjoie guitar, harmonica
Alison Shannon whistle
Peter Beaven mandolin
Charlotte Bryant mandolin
Jack Miller mandolin
Catherine Lewis mandolin
John Lewis fiddle
Mairi Robertson harp
Jan Russell banjo
Des Tierney mandolin
Nicola McNeill concertina
Iain McNeill recorder
Kate Morss whistle, ukulele
Jan Bundy whistle, ukulele
Tom Fernie mandolin, harmonica

MM3 Music:

Mixter Maxter 03 Music Mixter Maxter 03 Music
Standard Notation Mandolin Tablature

MM3 Soundfiles:

MM3 Photos:

Mixter Maxter 3 Mixter Maxter 3
Mixter Maxter 3 Mixter Maxter 3

Location: The Steeple, Newburgh, Fife
Date: 9th November 2013
Mixter Maxter 2013 Group Photo

Nigel Gatherer, Crieff, Perthshire |