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Mixter Maxter

Mixter Maxter 9 (April 2017)

Mixter Maxter 9 is revisiting Haddington, East Lothian on the 8th April 2017. The idea is for everyone simply to enjoy playing music in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.


The workshop costs £40 including teas, coffees and lunch. To book a space you can put down a £10 deposit using the button below (Paypal) or in person, or by post (Nigel Gatherer, 8 Mitchell St, Crieff PH7 3AG). Alternatively you may wish to pay the full price. Your name can be added provisionally to the list just by contacting me, but priority will be given to those who have paid a deposit.



  • Adelheid Cooney (flutes)
  • Alison Shannon (whistles)
  • Cathy Davidson (fiddle)
  • David Williamson (whistle)
  • Derek Shannon (mandolin)
  • George Davidson (mandolin)
  • Geri Smyth (mandolin)
  • Iain McNeill (recorder)
  • Iris Howitt (whistles)
  • Jan Bundy (concertina)
  • Jan Russell (banjo)
  • Joy McKaigue (.....)
  • Mairi Robertson (harp)
  • Maureen Nixon (mandolin)
  • Myles Lobjoie (harmonica)
  • Nicola McNeill (concertina)
  • Sandy Frain (melodeon)
  • Vic Williams (harmonica)


All the tunes and songs in the workshop have a theme of "birds". The notation for the tunes and songs will be able to be downloaded beforehand - see below. If you need any other type of notation, please let me know.

Tunes for the Workshop
1 Wren Polka No.1/Wren Polka No.2 (polkas)
2 The Wild Geese (song)
3 The Hawk that Swoops On High/The White Swan (air/jig)
4 The Osprey/The Kestrel (strathspey & reel)
5 If I Was a Blackbird/Blackbird on the Tyne (song/air)
6 The Falcon/Robin Redbreast (march/reel)
7 Jaybird Died of the Whooping Cough (American tune)
8 The Swan White Maiden (Gaelic waltz)

Mixter Maxter 09 Music Mixter Maxter 09 Music
Standard Notation Mandolin tablature


The Trinity Centre
5 Church St
EH41 3EX

Location: Haddington
Date: 8th April 2016
Time: 10.30am-4.00pm
Latest edit 26th Mar 2016 10.45pm

Nigel Gatherer, Crieff, Perthshire |