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Mixter Maxter Nigel Gatherer's Old Time Workshops:
Old Time in Fife 1

The first Old Time in Fife 2011 was held at The Steeple in Newburgh, North Fife in May 2011, and was a great success. The day was made up of three events: an old-time workshop during the day, an old-time session in the early evening, and a more general session in the pub later on. We had eleven participants in the workshop, and the feedback was good. About twenty five came to the old-time session in The Steeple, and again, the feedback was very good. About the same number took part in the pub session, where we had everything from old-time, bluegrass, Shetland, Scottish, Irish and blues. The manager laid on sandwiches and the atmosphere was happy and high. We knew it was a success when everyone asked "When's the next one?"

Sandy Frayne melodeon
Gillian McKinnon mandolin
Sandra Buck fiddle
Davey ?----? banjo
Margaret Potter fiddle
Darren McKinnon guitar
Charlie Kennedy mandolin
Mike Dixon tenor guitar
Peter Beaven mandolin
Trevor Buck fiddle
Graham Topping mandola


Old Time in Fife 11 Music Old Time in Fife 11 Music
Standard Notation Mandolin Tablature


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Old Time in Fife 2011-03 Old Time in Fife 2011-04
Old Time in Fife 2011-05 Old Time in Fife 2011-06
Old Time in Fife 2011-07

Location: The Steeple, Newburgh, Fife
Date: 14th May 2011

Nigel Gatherer, Crieff, Perthshire |