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Tuneworks is a little different from my other workshops. It is aimed at players with a little more experience who are competant at reading some form of musical notation. The tunes are just that much harder, possibly in more unsusual keys or ranges (to get an idea of the sort of music which is looked at during a Tuneworks session, click on the link below). As always, I become quickly aware of the levels in the group, and realise when to take it easy, and when to challenge. I try not to be exclusive, but some less experienced players may end up feeling left behind and frustrated.

If you wish to discuss with me whether the workshops are for you or not, or if you wish to kept informed about my next Tuneworks workshop, let me know. The next Tuneworks is on Sunday 18th October 2015.

Previous Workshops
Click on the links below to access details about previous Tuneworks workshops:

Mixter Maxter 5

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