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Uddingston Music Festival

Uddingston Music Festival 2018

The fifth installment of this happy annual workshop will take place at the 2018 Uddingston Music Festival on the 10th February 2017. As usual it will be held at the Church of the Nazarene, Old Mill Road, Uddingston G71 7LU (view map).

The workshop is open to all instruments, and music is available in advance (watch this space). Any questions about the workshop, or if you require any other forms of notation, please (email me).


Spaces in the workshop are limited to 30, so it is important to book your place. The workshop costs £8.00, and you can use the button below to pay via Paypal, or contact me to make other arrangements.



Bothwell Castle/Lady Douglas of Bothwell

Uddingston Musicfest standard notation Uddingston Musicfest mandolin tablature
Standard Notation Mandolin Tablature
Uddingston Musicfest fiddle fingering Uddingston Musicfest standard notation
Fiddle Positions Whistle Notation

  1. Cathy Lewis
  2. Christine Clark
  3. David Fernandez
  4. Davie Strachan
  5. John Lewis
  6. John Shaw
  7. Lorna Cammock
  8. Maureen Duffy
  9. Valerie McCutcheon
  10. Tom McCutcheon
  11. Mitchell Sorbie
  12. Mel Williamson
  13. Tom Fernie
  14. Alan Storrie
  15. Frances McCall
  16. Alison Shannon
  17. Derek Shannon
  18. Frans Goedkoop
  19. Sandra Kinniburgh
  20. Alison Schreiber
  21. Cathy Davidson
  22. George Davidson
  23. Marie Elaine Maguire
  24. Eileen Abbess
Location: C.N. Uddingston
Date: 10th February 2018
Time: 10am-12noon
Latest update: 9th Feb 2018 8.45am
Uddingston Musicfest 2016

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