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Title Ryan Coles Notes
7th Regiment 75 48 DM: AKA Picnic (Ryan p71). Really a hornpipe, this tune is attributed to "Conn. Higgins," hence O'Neill's title Higgins' Best. There were many 7th Regiments, but this title probably refers to a New York National Guard unit that played a major role in the early days of the Civil War and was honored in the titles of a number of marches and dance tunes. A simpler version in G is now known as The Flowing Tide.
After the Hare 60 34 NG: Arguably Duchess of Athol's Slipper (K2v1p15)
Alhambra, The 47 22 DM: Probably named for one of several Alhambra theatres or music halls rather than the Moorish castle.
All Aboard 57 32 NG: The Cuckoo's Nest or Jacky Tar.
All the Go 61 35 NG: This is the Scottish reel Sleepy Maggie (Ryan p44).
CM/PW: Jenny's Chickens (2 parts)
All the Way to Galway 45 21 NG: A' the Way to Galloway (K2v3p10); Big Kirsty (K2v1p12)
Around the World 54 29 NG: The Highlandman Kissed His Mother (K2v1p7); Jolly Seven (Cole's)
CM/PW: Miss Kelly in Ryan's.
DM: Jolly Seven (Ryan p53)
Banks of Enverness 34 11 NG: This has the same root as the Northumbrian tune Salmon Tails Up the Water (NPp46), and the earlier Banks of Inverness.
CM/PW: Fisherman's Lilt (a polka in Ireland) [see WCp26].
DM: Michael Coleman's Kerryman's Daughter, AKA Fisherman's Lilt. As a polka or ceili dance tune, it is The Siege of Ennis.
Beaux of Oak Hill 52 28 NG: This is known as a hornpipe, The Boys of Blue Hill. Aka Boys of North Tyne (1).
Bella Union 58 32 DM: Named for a San Francisco "melodeon" (variety theatre).
Belles of Lewiston 49 -- DM: Named for Lewiston, Maine?
Belles of Omaha 65 38 CM/PW: The Morning Star.
NG: An alternative name in DMI is The Belles of Omagh (DMI475); in K2v2p27 it's called The Belles of Amaha, and in K2v6p32 it's called The Belles of Omaha.
Belles of Tipperary 29 5 CM/PW: Braes of Auchtertyre .
NG: This can be found in K2v2p29 as The Belles of Tipperary, with only one note difference (although the Kerr's version is in 4/4, Cole's in 2/4). The original strathspey, The Braes of Auchtertyre was written by Crockat and can be seen in K2v1p14.
DM: Often falsely identified as The New Policeman. Derived from the Scottish Braes of Auchentyre (p68) and related to Miss Monaghan (Connaught Lasses, p28).
Ben Butler's 78 50 DM: Civil War Union General Butler was commander of occupying forces in New Orleans during Reconstruction. Defeated as a presidential candidate, he was elected governor of Massachusetts in 1882, the year of Ryan's publication.
Bennett's Favourite 35 12 CM/PW: The Silver Spire
DM: AKA Great Eastern (Ryan's p73), Paddy Killoran's The Silver Spire.
Betty Pringle's Pig 59 33 CM/PW: The North End (and not a Neil Gow composition).
NG: Attributed to Niel Gow, but as far as I know, Gow never composed anything under this title, and I can't match the tune to any Scottish tune I know. However, there was a Scottish collection published in 1844 called "Hamilton's Universal Tunebook" which contains a tune called Betty Pringle's Pig - not the same tune as the one in Cole's, but the same title.
Black-Eyed Lassie 70 43 NG: Captain Keeler's (K2v1p15)
Blackwater 39 15 CM/PW: Perrie Werrie.
NG: Found in K2v2p15 as The Perrie Wherrie.
HH: Found in OMI as The Avonmore.
Blodgett's 24 -- CM/PW: Jackson's; Miss Daly's (Ryan's).
PdG: Appears as The Dublin Reel in MFI (Bk 1, no.33) and in O'Neill. See also Jackson's (CRE3,102)
DM: First part is from The Dublin Reel (in G, as played by Michael Coleman as Jackson's) and the second is similar to a part from the Union Reel recorded by John Kimmel.
Blue Eyed Lassie 7 HH: Early Rising (OMI)
Bonnie Lad, The 40 16 NG: Because He Was a Bonnie Lad (K2v2p4)
Boston, The 37 -- DM: The Flowers of St. Petersburg (Ryan p53)
Boyle O'Reilly's 59 34 DM: Named for John Boyle O'Reilly, born Drogheda, 1844, a Fenian escapee from Australian exile on the Catalpa. Published poetry and edited The Pilot, the Boston Catholic newspaper, from 1876 until his death in 1890.
Boyne Hunt 29 6 NG: The Perth Hunt (K2v1p8)
Dm: The Perthshire Hunt originally. In E as Molly McGuire's (Ryan p30).
Braes of Auchentyre 68 42 CM/PW: See Belles of Tipperary.
DM: Scottish original of The Belles of Tipperary, Connaught Lasses (Miss Monaghan, Ryan p28).
Bride of Kildare 32 10 NG: There is a strong resemblence to the Scottish piece The Smith's a Gallant Fireman.
Brightest Eyes 60 34 CM/PW: Jolly Clamdigger's (Ryan's); Rising Sun (DMI608)
DM: Sweeney's Dream (Killoran and Sweeney).
Charming Mollie's 33 10 DM: O'Neill's Kiss Me Kate
Charter Oak 74 46 DM: The Charter Oak is a symbol of Connecticut. In 1687 the British government demanded the return of the royal charter of the Connecticut colony. It was instead concealed it in a white oak tree, which survived until 1856. Zeke Backus, to whom this tune was attributed, was a New England bandleader and minstrel performer.
Cheese It 56 30 NG: Corney Is Coming (DMI762)
DM: Old American slang for "cut it out!"
Clyde Side Lasses 72 44 NG: A Scottish reel.
DM: See notes for Ladies' Delight.
Col. McBain's 57 31 NG: Colonel McBean.
DM: Johnny's Wedding.
Come to Your Tay 52 28 CM/PW: a version of Ora Stor a' Ghra - a Highland in Donegal.
Come Under My Dimity 95 -- BB: Moll Roe.
Connaught Lasses 28 5 DM: O'Neill's Miss Monaghan [DMI575]. Related to Belles of Tipperary (p29 Ryan's), both of which are derived from Scottish Braes of Auchentyre (p68 Ryan's).
Corkonian 44 20 NG: Merry Blacksmith; Paddy On the Railroad
DM: Paddy on the Railroad (Ryan p51), The Peeler's Jacket (Ryan p45). O'Neill's Merry Blacksmith (or Ike Forrester's). The Devil's in Dublin is a name now attached to an elaborate setting played by Michael Coleman following The Boys of the Lough.
Corporal Casey's Fancy 43 20 CM/PW: The Five Mile Chase
DM: Parnell's [Ryan's p26].
Countess of Louden 42 19 CM/PW: The Rising Sun (one of a few under this title).
NG: This tune can be found in Aird, and it also has similarities with Kitty Clyde's
Cross Road 62 36 CM/PW: The Three Merry Sisters (parts 1 and 2)
Cup of Tea, The 31 9 DM: Not the usual "Cup" — this one is O'Neill's The Merry Harriers. Kerr's II has it as The Cup of Tay.
Dandy Mike's 31 HH: Maid of Argyle (Cole p35); Muldoon's Favorite (Cole p39).
Devil Among the Tailors, The 42 18 DM: Devil's Dream (Ryan p54)
Devil's Dream, The 54 30 NG: An American development of the Scots reel Devil Amang the Tailors (Ryan p42)
Dimen Dru Deelish 49 25 CM/PW: Scotch Mary (DMI729) (should be anglicised as Drimeen Dhu Deelish).
NG: Same tune as My Love Is Far Away (Ryan).
DM: Thia name is corruption of the Gaelic "Druim Fionn Dubh Dilis" (Dear White-backed Black Cow), a coded or poetical reference to Ireland used by Jacobites and later nationalists.
Donegall Boys 51 -- DM: See notes to Paddy McFadden's.
Dublin Lasses 30 8 DM: Two-part F version of the three-part G reel The Boys of Ballisodare recorded by Paddy Killoran (Michael Coleman recorded it as Miss Roddy).
Evergreen Lasses 46 22 CM/PW: The Templehouse [DMI505]
DM: The Old Templehouse [Ryan p28]
Farewell to Erin 32 9 DM: O'Neill's uncredited setting is identical to the version from Ryan's. He also had another setting in G major called The London Lasses, which is not the tune by that name in Ryan's on p54. Ryan's Farewell to Ireland was also probably copied in Kerr's IV, which titles it Miss McLeod of Rosses, a name of dubious Scottish provenance. The Roche collection printed it as The Flying Column, a reference to the Republican guerrilla squads of the Irish war of independence and it is now often known as Austin Tierney's after a fiddler with the Kilfenora Ceili Band.
Farrell O'Gara's Favorite 76 47 DM: Not the tune now known by this name and recorded by Michael Coleman. See notes to Last Night's Fun (Ryan p28).
First Night in Leadville 47 22 DM: Named for Colorado mining boom town
First of May 76 48 CM/PW: Played as a hornpipe in Ireland [DMI899]
DM: Really a hornpipe. A cut-time version of the jig The Rakes of Kildare. Versions serve as the air of songs, including The Galbally Farmer and The Little Skillet Pot.
Five Leafed Clover 40 16 CM/PW: Interesting variant of either The Star of Munster [DMI495] or The Hunter's Purse.
DM: The Hunter's Purse (Killoran), Bridie Morley's (on a John McKenna 78rpm record).
Fletcher's Delight 48 HH: Dancer's Delight (OMI)
DM: O'Neill's Dancer's Delight. This version was played by Lad O'Beirne, who passed it on to Paddy Reynolds.
Flip McGilder's 64 38 NG: This is a Scottish reel by Donald Dow called Bonnie Annie (K2v2p9).
DM: Follow Me Down [DMI547]
Flogging 27 7 NG: The Flagon (K2v2p16)
Flowers of Edinburg 45 21 CM/PW: Hornpipe in Ireland
NG: An old Scottish tune, The Flowers of Edinburgh, originally a "Scotch Measure". K2v1p23
Flowers of Limerick 56 31 CM/PW: The Bunch of Keys; The Telephone Reel (in Ryan's); Paddy On the Turnpike (Ryan p47).
NG: Known in Scotland as The Old Reel or The Cairngorm Brooch.
PdG: I dimly and perhaps mistakenly recall The Yellow Heifer as being another title for this tune.
Flowers of St. Petersburg, The 53 28 DM: The Boston (Ryan p37)
Forget Me Not 77 49 NG: Lady Mary Ramsay (K2v1p10); The Queen's Shilling (DMI752)
CM/PW: Miss Ramsay
DM: See notes to Kilkenny Boys (Ryan p47).
Foxie Mary 30 6 DM: Roaring Mary on a Paddy Killoran 78 rpm disc.
From Shore to Shore 59 34 DM: Not O'Neill's tune by this name.
Gem of Ireland 66 40 NG: Homeward Bound (1)
Gen Longstreet's 68 42 DM: Named for a South Carolina-born Confederate General. Tune attributed to Frank Livingston, whose name is associated in Ryan's with many titles with Confederate connections.
Golden Gate 69 42 DM: Better as a hornpipe.
Grand Spy 48 -- CM/PW: The Grand Spey.
DM: Perhaps a corruption of Grants Strathspey or The Grants of Strathspey (subsequently further corrupted as The Graf Spee). Other versions: Winnie Green's Favorite (Ryan p50), The Western Lasses (DMI765), The Rothiemurcus Rant (Kerrs I, Skye Collection).
Great Eastern 73 46 CM/PW: The Silver Spire.
DM: AKA Bennett's (Ryan's p35), Paddy Killoran's The Silver Spire.
Green Groves of Erin 76 48 NG: The Flail; Mr John Stewart of Grantully
CM/PW: Miss Stewart of Grantully (its Scottish parentage is not generally known to musicians)
Green Grow the Rushes 45 21 CM/PW: A highland/barndance/hornpipe in Ireland
Green Trees of Athol 58 32 NG: The Green Tree (Gow coll)
Half-Penny, The 50 -- DM: Honey-Moon [Ryan p41]
Hibernia's Pride 70 32 CM/PW: The Flannel Jacket (in the Roche Collection, Vol 1); The New Policeman (Ryan p58).
DM: Peeler's Jacket (but not the one in Ryan's). See note to "The New Policeman's" (p. 58)
Highland Skip 51 27 CM/PW: Boyne Hunt [DMI514]
Hippodrome 63 38 DM: Probably named for one of many Hippodrome theaters.
Hit or Miss 43 19 DM: Larry Redican's Culfodda (AKA Larry Og's) borrowed the second part and changed the key from C to F. Played by Winston Fitzgerald (Breton Books cassette of 78s and house party tapes).
Honey-Moon 41 17 DM: The Half-Penny [Ryan p50]
Humours of Rockstown 54 29 DM: Humours of Ballinacarrig, [DMI664] O'Neill's translation of "Rockstown" into Irish.
Humours of Tufts Street 35 11 CM/PW: The Humours of Cuffe Street
NG: In Kerr's as Cuffe Street (K2v4p13)
DM: A version of Reel of Bogie.
I'm Over Young to Marry Yet 31 9 DM: Title from Robbie Burns song. Played as a fling in Ireland and used as air to many songs, including Limerick Races.
Indy's Favourite 70 42 NG: Judy's Reel [K2v2p25]; The Barmaid (Aly Bain), etc
CM/PW: Maid Behind the Bar; The Green Mountain [DMI481]
Inimitable 62 36 HH: O'Neill's hornpipe Everybody's Favorite.
Irish-American 25 3 DM: Same as Lee's Double Clog (p. 160 Ryan's), AKA The Narrowback, a favorite tune of New York fiddlers Larry Redican and Andy McGann.
Irishman's Love, The 49 -- DM: Pretty Girls of Mayo (polka version: Goodbye Muirsheen Durkin).
Ivy Leaf 73 45 DM: Not O'Neill's Ivy Leaf but his Smoky Chimney and really a hornpipe.
Jack Smith's Favourite 67 40 NG: Caber Feidh (K2v1p14).
DM: Reel version of Orange and Blue Scottish fling (Kerr's I). AKA Kathy Jones.
NG: Don is right - it's not Caber Feidh, but a version of Orange and Blue.
Jenny Danged the Weaver 29 5 DM: More usually (as in Kerr's I) Jenny Dang the Weaver. Three part Irish setting known as Longford Spinster, Longford Tinker or Furze Bush.
Jenny Nettle's Fancy 77 50 DM: O'Neill's Jenny Pippin. Recorded by Altan as Tommy Peoples' and by Eileen Ivers as Paul Montague's.
NG: Does not seem related to the Scots Jenny Nettles (Kerr's I).
Jenny's Baby 43 19 NG: Jenny's Bawbee (K2v1p4)
Jimmy Holmes' Fav 73 46 NG: Rachel Rae (K2v1p4)
Joe Tanzy's 52 28 NG: Pat Carney's (Ryan p55); Mr Menzies of Culdares (Gow coll); Braes of Glendochart/Glendochert (older Scots colls)
DM: Paddy Murphy's Wife (DMI744)
Jolly Clam Diggers 38 15 CM/PW: The Rising Sun [DMI608]; Brightest Eyes (in Ryan).
HH: The Lame Fisherman (OMI)
DM: Relative of The Rising Sun (Ryan p41), The Old Blackthorn Stick, The Master's Return (Paddy Killoran) and Kerr's Countess of Loudon's.
Jolly Seven 53 27 NG: The Highlandman Kissed His Mother (K2v1p7); Around the World (Ryan p54)
DM: Miss Kelly's (Ryan p57)
Judy's Reel 25 4 BB: Maid Behind the Bar; The Green Mountain [DMI481].
NG: The Barmaid (Aly Bain)
DM: Indy's Favorite (p70 Ryan's). More usually, The Maid Behind the Bar, Judy's was the name used by button accordionist Jerry O'Brien on his Copley recording, and in Kerr's II.
Keel Row 47 23 NG: Played as a schottische in Scotland (K2v1p19). In Cole's/Ryan it's also called Twin Sisters.
CM/PW: Highland in Ireland
DM: AKA Weel May the Keel Row (Ryan p74)
Kelton's 24 -- CM/PW: Pigtown (both as a reel and a highland in Ireland) [K2v2p29]
Kilkenny Boys 47 23 NG: Lady Mary Ramsay (K2v1p10); The Queen's Shilling (DMI752)
CM/PW: Miss Ramsay (both as a reel and a highland in Ireland)
DM: Forget Me Not (Ryan p77). Reel version of the strathspey Lady Mary Ramsay's (Ryan p166)
Kilwinning's Steeple 70 43 NG: Clock In the Steeple (1)
DM: The Clock in the Steeple [DMI522]. Jackie Daly recorded it as The Pope's Toe.
Kitty Clyde's 62 36 NG: Miss Betsy Robertson (K2v2p15); Kitty Robertson (K2v4p14)
Ladies' Delight 52 27 NG: Pretty Peg (K2v2p17).
HH: Bill Clancy's Delight (OMI).
DM: Pretty Peg family, includes Humours of Westport, Maguinnis' Delight (Ryan p69), Clyde-Side Lassies (Ryan p72), Clydesdale Lasses (K2v1p14).
Ladies' Pandelettes 77 50 DM: Not O'Neill's Ladies Pantalettes (Duke of Leinster's Missus) but a relation of his Eileen Curran (The Sailor's Return) or Paresis in Harding's Collection. All descend from Lady Dalrymple's, a Scots strathspey. Pantelettes were calf-length leggings worn underneath a skirt or dress in more modest times.
Lady Elgin's Courtship 60 33 CM/PW: Arguably The Boyne Hunt [see notes]
NG: Actually it's a Scottish reel called Lady Madelina Sinclair's Birthday, which can be found in K2v2p23.
Lady Gardner's 28 6 CM/PW: Five Mile Chase
NG: The Four-Hand Reel (DMI767), aka The Yellow Haired Laddie (in Ryan's) and The Bunch of Keys (1)
Lady Edmonton's 35 12 NG: Miss Edmondston (various Scots colls)
Lady Forbe's 36 13 NG: Lady Harriet Hope (K2v1p14)
Lady Montgomery's Reel 35 11 NG: Found in Bb as Lady Montgomery (K2v1p17). Also in Ryan as Rising Sun.
DM: Recorded (in C rather than D) by Hughie Gillespie on 78 rpm disc and by Andy McGann, Joe Burke and Felix Dolan (as Phelim's Frolics) on their LP Tribute to Michael Coleman. Kerr's I has it in B-flat.
Land League 68 41 DM: Really a hornpipe. The attribution to Parnell is a joke, as Charles Stewart Parnell was the president of the pro-tenant National Land League founded in 1879. Parnell had been on a fundraising trip in America in 1880, two years before Ryan's was published.
Lardner's 44 19 DM: See notes for The Turnpike
Larry Downs' 63 37 NG: Malcolm Finlay; Calum Fhionnlaith (Brenda Stubbert's collection)
Last Night's Fun 28 6 HH: Farrell O'Gara's Favourite (OMI)
DM: Not the tune usually so called today but O'Neill's Macroom Lasses. Michael Coleman recorded it as a fling (Killarney Wonder). Also in Ryan's as Old Joe Sife's (p56), Pretty Jane's (p64), Farrell O'Gara's (p76).
Lavan's Favourite 37 13 DM: O'Neill's Larry Lavin's Choice.
League and Slasher 35 12 BB: Pigeon On the Gate; Lagan Slashers.
DM: Pigeon on the Gate (not the one in Ryan p30).
Leap Year 45 20 NG: Lucy Campbell; Cheap Meal (K2v1p12)
Let's Be Gay 47 22 CM/PW: variant of Duke of Perth [K2v1p11]
Levantine's Barrel 46 21 DM: Named for F.F. Levantine, an American variety theatre entertainer of the 1870s whose most famous act involved a spinning barrel. There was a Levantine's variety theatre in Albany, New York.
Little Duke's 67 39 Adrian Scahill: It has been recorded by Paddy O'Brien and James Kelly.
Limerick Lasses 34 11 HH: Who Made Your Breeches? (Cole p25)
DM: Three-part version of Who Made Your Breeches (Ryan p50) DM: Andy has it as O'Neill's Maguire's Kick, Kerr's II no. 287, p31
Little Duke's 67 39 NG: The A part is almost identical to Miss Gibson's or The Cumberland Reel (K2v2p23), but the B part is different.
Liverpool Jack's 46 19 DM: See notes for Terence's Rambles.
London Lasses, The 54 5 DM: Not O'Neill's London Lasses but his Curragh Races, which Breathnach has as The Maid in the Cherry Tree, which name is also applied to the other London Lasses, O'Neill's G-major version of Farewell to Erin (Ryan p32).
Lord Gordon's 29 5 NG: Aka The Scotch Patriot (Ryan).
Lucy Campbell 63 36 NG: Originally a Scottish reel, Miss Lucy Campbell's Delight published in Stewart's collection (1761)
DM: Leap Year (Ryan p45).
Magic Slipper 54 30 CM/PW: Maude Millar
PdG: cf. James Keane's recording and 'Play 50 Reels', Armagh Pipers Club. (abc) The Maude Miller in O'Neill is different but related (DMI 480). See discussion of this tune in IRTRAD archives, 13-14 March 1998. Recorded by Cape Breton fiddler Howie MacDonald as Dan Galbey's.

DM: See notes for Paddy McFadden's
Maggie Picking Cockles 32 9 CM/PW: Jenny Picking Cockles (related to Jenny's Welcome to Charlie with relationships to some strains of The College Groves).
DM: More usually Jenny Picking Cockles, a reel version of the jig Cailleach an Airgead.
Maguinnis' Delight 69 42 CM/PW: variant of Clydeside Lassies [K2v1p14]
DM: See notes for Ladies' Delight.
Maid of Athens 46 21 DM: Primitive version of Dowd's No. 9. Recorded by Donegal melodeon player Tom Doherty as The Maid I Daren't Tell. Maid of Athens was a poem by Lord Byron ("Maid of Athens, ere we part, Give, oh, give me back my heart!"
Marquis Hansley's 62 35 NG: The A part is Stirling Castle (K2v1p4); the B part Marquis of Huntly's Highland Fling (K2v1p6)
Mason's Cap 39 16 NG: The Mason's Apron (K2v1p23, Ryan p77)
McDonald's 46 22 NG: Lord Macdonald's (K2v1,10)
DM: Known as Leather Breeches in the US.
Merry Night at Tumble Brig 73 45 NG: Mr Lindsay (Glen coll)
Mill-Town Maid 31 9 CM/PW: Three Merry Sisters (parts 1 and 2)
Mill-Town Maid 31 9 DM: Same as Cup of Tea (Merry Harriers, Ryan's p31) but in Em instead of Am.
Miller's Reel 72 45 CM/PW: The Dawn
DM: The Dawn or Spirit of 1880 (Ryan p48).
Minnie Foster 156 -- NG: Appears in MFI (Book2, no.52) as The Black Swan. CM notes that he played a hornpipe he learned from John Doherty to Danny O'Donnell, who "immediately noted that Sean McGuire recorded it in a flat key and called it The Black Swan." It apparently appears in (CM again) "in a White-Smith series collection in a different key as The Comet, mark the occurence of a recent comet."
Miss Brown's 37 14 CM/PW: Una Bhain Ni Chuinneagin; The Donegal Reel.
NG: Also found in Kerr's as a hornpipe (K2v2p36)
DM: Now known as The Donegal Reel.
Miss Campbell's 43 20 NG: Miss Campbell Monzies (K2v3p3)
Miss Corbett's 36 13 NG: The New Demesne (DMI484); also in Aird and other Scots collections as Miss Corbett
Miss Daly's 116 47 CM/PW: Blodgett's Reel (in Ryan's); Jacksons (one of a few)
Miss Gunning's Fancy 54 29 NG: At some point this has been mistakenly attributed to William Marshall. AKA The Contradiction.
DM: The Contradiction (DMI724). The two Miss Gunnings were good looking 18th-century Irish lasses who married well in London. See Andrew Kuntz' article in Fiddler magazine.
Miss Horgan's 54 29 NG: Miss Forbes (K2v2,12)
Miss Kelly's 57 32 NG: The Highlandman Kissed His Mother (K2v1p7); Jolly Seven (Ryan p53); Around the World (Ryan p)
Miss Plaudy's 62 35 NG: General Drummond (K2v4p14)
Molly Bawn's 52 27 DM: O'Neill's Fairhaired Molly
Molly McGuire's 30 7 NG: The Perth Hunt (K2v1p8)
CM/PW: Boyne Hunt (Scottish: The Perthshire Hunt)
DM: E setting of The Boyne Hunt (p29). The leaders of the "Molly McGuires," Irish union militants in the Pennsylvnia coal mines, were executed in 1877.
Money Musk 57 31 CM/PW: Moneymusk (a highland in Ireland)
NG: Originally called Sir Archibald Grant of Monemusk's Reel, this most widespread of tunes was written by Daniel (sometimes called Donald) Dow (1732-83), a Scottish fiddler. Aka Monymusk.
Mountain 28 5 NG: This appears to be a reel version of the Scottish strathspey Miss Drummond of Perth, aka Miss Sarah Drummond of Perth, by Niel Gow.
DM: Yorkshire Bite (Ryan's p65). Reel setting of strathspey Miss Drummond of Perth (Ryan's p164).
My Love Is Far Away 30 7 CM/PW: Scotch Mary.
NG: Same tune as Dimen Dru Deelish) (also in Ryan p49).
My Love Is On the Ocean 55 30 DM: New Mown Meadow (OMI), Threepenny Bit (DMI619).
New Policeman's 58 32 CM/PW: The Flannel Jacket (in Roche Vol.1); Hibernia's Pride (Ryan p71)
DM: Not O'Neill's New Policeman nor yet The Belles of Tipperary, which often gets this name. Same as Peeler's [or Flannel] Jacket, Hibernia's Pride (Ryan p71).
New Wedding 51 25 DM: Second Wedding [DMI677]
Nicodemus Johnson 62 35 DM: An 1865 blackface song reprinted in "Minstrel Songs Old and New" by Ditson in Boston in 1883, the same year as Ryan's.
Niel Gow's 37 13 NG: The Perth Hunt (K2v1p8)
CM/PW: The Boyne Hunt
Oh Gang With Me to Yon Town 34 12 NG: I'll Gang Nae Mair to Yon Toun (K2v2p21)
DM: Lucky in Love (on a John McKenna 78rpm record). AKA I'll Gang Nae Mair to Yon Town.
Old Batchelor 51 -- NG: This is the old Scots reel Rachael Rae (K2v1p4).
DM: Courting Them All [DMI713] (alternative title Bashful Bachelor).
Old Granite State 77 49 DM: The Granite State is New Hampshire.
Old Joe Sife's 56 30 HH: Farrell O'Gara's Favourite (OMI)
DM: Macroom Lasses. [DMI496] . Michael Coleman recorded it as a fling (Killarney Wonder). Also in Ryan's as Last Night's Fun (p28), Pretty Jane's (p64), Farrell O'Gara's (p76).
Old Maids of Galway 35 12 CM/PW: George White's Favourite
PdG: It is not George White's Favourite DM: Johnny When You Die (Kerry Fiddles LP), Girls of Co. Mayo (CRE1), Come into the Room, I Want You (Dan Sullivan's Shamrock Band).
Old Templehouse 28 5 DM: Evergreen Lasses (p46 Ryan's), Templehouse [DMI505]. The Templehouse is an estate in County Sligo named for a Norman Knights Templar castle on the grounds.
Old Zip Coon 48 -- DM: Minstrel title for Turkey in the Straw.
Once Upon My Cheek 39 15 DM: O'Neill's Pet of the House (in G rather than A). Colosseum in Howe's 1000 and Kerr's I. O'Neill's alternate title is Coliseum.
Ostinelli's 67 41 DM: Really a hornpipe. Louis Ostinelli was an Italian violinist who settled in Boston in 1818. "He was keenly aware of the reputation the violin had as a vernacular instrument in New England. According to several anecdotes, he was furious when his violin was referred to as a fiddle or when he was requested to play dance music. Once when asked by a lady if he was to play for a dance following a concert, he deliberately cut his violin strings and said 'Veree story, veree story, madam, you see I can no play.'" (Michael Broyles, Music of the Highest Class: Elitism and Populism in Antebellum Boston). Ostinelli may have gotten his revenge on dance fiddlers with this challenging tune!
Our Boys 25 3 NG: The Monaghan Switch (NFp70)
Paddy McFadden's 49 -- CM/PW: Maude Millar (see notes to The Magic Slipper)
DM: Same family as Maud Millar (or Miller) (Morrison, Killoran 78s). Other versions in Ryan: Magic Slipper (p54), Donegall Boys (p51). All are descended from the strathspey John Roy Stewart (K2v2p21).
Paddy On the Railroad 51 25 CM/PW: Merry Blacksmith
Paddy On the Turnpike 47 23 NG: see notes for Flowers of Limerick
Paddy the Piper 25 4 DM: The Game of Love in OMI.
Paine's 74 46 NG: Dundee Hornpipe etc
DM: Pantomime (Ryan p48)
Pantomime 48 23 NG: Dundee Hornpipe; Union Hornpipe; Kildare Fancy
DM: Paine's (Ryan p74), The Kildare Fancy hornpipe. Related to Dundee (Ryan p121), Duxbury (Ryan p146), etc hornpipes.
Parnell's 26 7 NG: Yellow Haired Laddie (Cole p36); Four-Hand Reel (DMI767); Bunch of Keys (1); Curly Haired Laddie (K2v6p27)
HH: Aka Corporal Casey's Fancy (Cole p20)
Pat Carney's 55 30 NG: Joe Tanzy's (Ryan p52); Mr Menzies of Culdares (Gow coll); Braes of Glendochart/Glendochert (older Scots colls)
DM: Paddy Murphy's Wife (DMI744)
Peeler's Jacket 45 22 NG: Merry Blacksmith
DM: Not the tune now called by this name. Same as Corkonian, etc. (Ryan p44)
Peep o' Day 60 34 DM: The "Peep o' Day Boys" were Protestant gangs who terrorized Ulster Catholics in the late 18th century.
Peter Street 78 50 NG: Timour the Tarter
Picnic 71 43 NG: The Flowing Tide, a hornpipe in Ireland.
DM: See notes for 7th Regiment.
Pigeon On the Gate 30 8 BB: Swallow's Tail; Pride of the Ball [in Ryan's]
DM: AKA Pride of the Ball (Ryan p63), Steeple Chase (Ryan p71). Not the usual Pigeon — this one is Michael Coleman's Swallowtail.
Pigeon On the Gate 30 8 HH: The Jolly Little Boy (OMI)
Piper's Lass 38 15 NG: Rolling in the Rye Grass (DMI766)
CM/PW: Rathkeale Hunt (in Ryan p49)
Pretty Jane's 64 38 See notes for Last Night's Fun.
Pride of the Ball 63 37 BB: Swallow's Tail; Pigeon On the Gate [Ryan p14]
Primrose Lass, The 29 5 NG: Found in some Scottish pipe collections as Primrose Girl.
Pulaski Guards' 65 39 DM: Confederate companies from Pulaski County, Virginia and Pulaski County, Georgia were both organized as the "Pulaski Guards."
Rakish Highlander 3 HH: The Mountain Lark (OMI)
Rathkeale Hunt 49 23 CM/PW: Rolling On the Ryegrass; Piper's Lass [Ryan p38]
Rattle the Bottles 75 48 NG: Push About the Jorum (K2v3p9)
Repeal of the Union 78 50 DM: The title refers to nationalist agitation led by Daniel O'Connell in the 1840s for the repeal of the Union of Ireland with Great Britain, which had dissolved Ireland's separate parliament. Kerr's IV has it as Roll Her in the Rushes.
Riley's Favourite 64 37 NG: This is a reel varsion of the Scots strathspey or schottische The Smith's a Gallant Fireman (K2v1p4), which in turn stems from an earlier Scottish tune Clunie's Reel. The reel version is also found in DMI as More Luck to Us.
Rising Sun 41 18 NG: Found in Bb as Lady Montgomery (K2v1p17). Also in Ryan as Lady Montgomery. This is not the same tune as The Rising Sun in DMI608.
Rival, The 55 30 NG: I have a 78rpm record of The Grafton Quartet playing this.
DM: More naturally a hornpipe.
Rocks of Cashel 75 48 HH: Carrigaline (OMI)
DM: O'Neill's Carrigaline, Paddy Killoran's Steeplechase.
Rose-Bud 33 10 DM: Reel setting of Mountain Ranger hornpipe (Ryan p138).
Roving Bachelor 33 10 CM/PW: A Sheamuis Bhig a' bhFuil Ocras ort? (Little Seamus are you hungry - a Highland in Donegal)
DM: Recorded by Kennedy and Ní Mhaonaigh as Tommy Peoples'.
Rustic 60 33 NG: I have a 78rpm record of The Grafton Quartet playing this
Salamanca, The 29 6 DM: Breandán Breathnach believed the name commemorated Wellington's 1812 victory over Marmont at Salamanca during the Peninsular Campaign.
Scotch Patriot's, The 24 3 NG: Aka Lord Gordon's (DMI, Ryan).
Shaw's 78 49 DM: AKA The Norfolk Hornpipe (Ryan p118).
Shippen Street Land-Lady's 64 38 DM: Probably named for Philadelphia's Shippen Street, home to many sailors' taverns, including one with a sign inscribed: "The seaworn sailor here will find/The porter good, the treatment kind." Weehawken, NJ also had a Shippen Street of note.
Shuffle 72 44 BB: Jacksons [see Blodgett's]
DM: Relative of Bucks of Oranmore.
Silver Cluster 27 8 DM: Similar to O'Neill's two Off to California settings and his Whiskey You're the Devil, a version in A major.
Sleepy Maggy 19 19 CM/PW: Jenny's Chickens; All the Go [in Ryan's] DM: Scottish original of Michael Coleman's Jenny's Chickens.
Smith's 73 46 CM/PW: Kitty's Wedding Hornpipe DM: Smith's Delight (Ryan p43), Kitty's Wedding hornpipe in O'Neill's.
Smith's Delight 43 19 CM/PW: Kitty's Wedding Hornpipe DM: Smiths (Ryan p73), Kitty's Wedding hornpipe in O'Neill's.
Smith's Reel 73 46 CM/PW: Kitty's Wedding Hornpipe
Spirit of 1880 48 -- CM/PW: The Dawn
NG: Miller's Reel (Ryan p72)
Steeple Chase 71 43 CM/PW: The Swallow's Tail; Pride of the Ball (in Ryan's)
BB: Pigeon On the Gate
DM: Not the tune recorded by Paddy Killoran under this name, but Michael Coleman's The Swallowtail.
Swallow Sloop of War 75 48 NG:The Swallow (Gow collections)
DM: The most famous HMS Swallow was the vessel sailed round the world (1766 - 1769) by Commander Philip Carteret.
Teetotaller's 39 16 DM: Temperance (Ryan's p32)
Telephone 150 38 See notes for Flowers of Limerick
Terence's Ramble 32 10 DM: Miss McGuinness, Take Your Choice, Liverpool Jack's (Ryan p46), Dan Backus' Favorite (Ryan p56).
73 45 DM: References to "Tom and Jerry" (including the once-popular New Year's eggnong made with rum and brandy and the long-running Hanna Barbera cartoon) all have their origin in Pierce Egan's 1821 novel Life in London; or, The Day and Night Scenes of Jerry Hawthorn, Esq., and his elegant friend, Corinthian Tom, and in plays based on that book.
NG: Although it is labelled "Scotch," I have been unable to locate any Scots model for this tune to date.
Turnpike 30 7 DM: Lardner's (Ryan's p44). O'Neill's Halfway House. Same as Recorded by Kennedy and Ní Mhaonaigh (Tommy Peoples').
Twin Katy's 28 5 DM: Similar to O'Neill's Kate Kelly's Fancy. This version was popular in Sliabh Luachra, where it is one of several Doon Reels. Johnny Cronin called it The Private Ass and Cart, a name used on fiddler Kathleen Collins's LP.
Wake Up Susan 45 21 NG: Breakdown (records; a favourite in Scottish Country Dancing)
Walker Street 72 45 DM: The Traveller (DMI719).
NG: This was published in Kohler's Violin Repository (Edinburgh, 1881-5) as Walker Street Hornpipe. Twenty-odd years later it appears in O'Neill's DMI as The Traveller. It's also well known in Canada as The Laborer's Reel. (Kate Dunlay suggests that the "Traveller" title may stem from the French travailler = to work or labour.)
Philip Katz: The late Aime Gagnon (? - 1997) a fine fiddler of Lotbiniere Village, Lotbiniere Township, on the south shore of the St Lawrence 40 miles upriver from Quebec City, played a slightly more Quebecois variant (a bit more arpeggiated; more string crossings) of this tune. He called it Reel des Ouvriers, which I understand translates as The Worker's Reel or The Labourer's Reel.
Weel May the Keel Row 74 46 DM: According to Ryan's, this is the "original version" of The Keel-Row Reel (p47)
Welcome Here Again 24 3 NG: Duncan Davidson (K2v1p17)
Whiddon's Favourite 25 3 DM: W.H. Whiddon was a fiddler whose name appears as the source of several tunes in Ryan's.
Winnie Green's Favorite 50 25 DM: See notes for The Grand Spy.
Who Made Your Breeches 50 25 CM/PW: Limerick Lasses (parts 1 and 2) [Ryan p34
Winnie Green's Favourite 50 25 CM/PW: The Graf Spee
Yellow Haired Laddie 63 36 NG: see Parnell's
Yorkshire Bite 65 38 CM/PW: Miss Drummond of Perth [K2v1p6]; The Titanic Highland (in Donegal).
DM: See notes for Mountain.
You Bet 43 20 DM: Part of Off to California.
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