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 Mixter Maxter
Mixter Maxter 20 - Penicuik

Mixter Maxter 20 is heading for Penicuik, south of Edinburgh, for the first time. The venue is Shottstown Miners Bowling Club, 165 John St Penicuik, EH26 8AT.

 Sample Timetable
10.30 First workshop session
11.30 Tea break
12.30 Lunch
1.30 Second workshop Session
3.00 Tea break
4.30 Finish


The workshop costs £25.00. A deposit of £10.00 will secure your place at the workshop; you may use the button below to pay by Paypal or credit card.



Music will be available to download nearer the time. If you require any other form of notation, please ask (email me).

You might like to bring: • your music; • a music stand; • a pencil. If you need help with any of these things, (let me know).


You may bring a packed lunch and eat in the hall, or there are some local places nearby which would love your custom. Watch this space for further information.

Name   Mixter Maxter 20
Venue   Penicuik
Date   4th March 2023
Time   10.30am - 4.30pm
Places   35
Places Left   4
Theme   "Penicuik"
  1. Adelheid Cooney
  2. Andrew Horseman
  3. Anne Kelly
  4. Anne Kurtenbach
  5. Anne Pia
  6. Cathy Davidson
  7. David Williamson
  8. Gareth Wells
  9. George Davidson
  10. Glen Bramley
  11. Grace Lyon
  12. Gus Millar
  13. Hellen MacPherson
  14. Ian Elder
  15. Ian Young
  16. Iris Howitt
  17. Isla Browning
  18. Jill Snowdon
  19. John Culbert
  20. John Young
  21. Katrina Morrison
  22. Liz Beevers
  23. Margaret Potter
  24. Philip Cooney
  25. Robert "Thal" Thallon
  26. Sue Owen
  27. Sue Owen
  28. Terry McBride
  29. Tom Fernie
  30. Vic Ramage
  31. Vicky Pearson
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