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 Mixter Maxter
Mixter Maxter 22 - Cairnbaan

Mixter Maxter 22 is going back to Cairbaan on the banks of the Crinan Canal, in August of 2023. Further details will appear here as they are known. This event is slightly different from other Mixter Maxters in that it takes place over the course of two days:

 Wednesday 16th August
12.15pm Lunch (optional)
1-5pm First Workshop
6pm Evening meal (optional)
8pm Open session
Thursday 17th August
9-12.15 Second Workshop
12.40pm Lunch (optional)


The workshop is now full up. Go to the booking page to settle the balance before arriving at Cairnbaan.


Music is available to download now; use the links below to access it. If you require any other form of notation, please ask (email me).

01 The Hills of Lorne (slow air)
02 Kilmartin Castle/Kilberry Brig (jigs)
03 Scalasaig (air)
04 Always Argyll (song)
05 Always Argyll (waltz)
Always Cairnbaan (waltz)
06 Glenfyne Lodge (strathspey)
The Shira in Spate (reel)
07 Fraser MacIver of The Wagon (air)


On Wednesday evening there will be a session in the Cairnbaan Hotel. There is a session book which you can download:

You might like to bring: • your music; • a music stand; • a pencil. If you need help with any of these things, (let me know).


The venue does lunches and coffees/teas. For the evening meal, some of us will eat at the venue, while others will make alternative arrangments. I'm working on making a list of places to eat and other information, which I will send out to participants before too long.

Name   Mixter Maxter 22
Venue   Cairbaan
Date   August 2023
Time   1pm - 12.30pm
Places   36
Places Left   0
Theme   "Argyll"
  1. Adelheid Cooney
  2. Alison Duncan
  3. Alison Shannon
  4. Allan Sturrock
  5. Ally Dickson
  6. Anne Wallace
  7. Annette Rawson
  8. Bill Wallace
  9. Brigid Daniel
  10. Cath Montgomery
  11. Cathy Davidson
  12. Charlotte Weall
  13. Derek Hulme
  14. Derek Shannon
  15. Douglas Grierson
  16. George Davidson
  17. Gus Millar
  18. Hellen MacPherson
  19. Ian Elder
  20. Jan Bundy
  21. Janet Hulme
  22. Jill Snowdon
  23. John Kelly
  24. Liz Gower
  25. Margaret Potter
  26. MaryCatherine Burgess
  27. Maureen Brankin
  28. Mike Dixon
  29. Moira Dunworth
  30. Myles Lobjoie
  31. Peter Beaven
  32. Philip Cooney
  33. Siobhan Canavan
  34. Valerie McCutcheon
  35. Vic Ramage
  36. Vicky Pearson
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