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Set 61: slow march
Haughton House

Haughton House
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This tune was the subject of considerable discussion on the internet a few years ago. For some reason it was being played in various locations around Ireland and Cape Breton as Auchadon House, but nobody could trace the tune other than from a recording by Joe Ryan. Then someone found it on an LP of Shetland fiddling and surmised it was of Shetland origin. I finally found an old single printed sheet in Perth of a tune called Haughton House by a James Mitchell, arranged by (and variations added by) James Scott Skinner. The tune was recorded by The Boys of the Lough.

I composed the second tune specially to fit in with Haughton House, and named it after two of my favourite things: Leslie's Bar in Edinburgh, where I have run a session for years, and one of the session participants, Jane Culpan.

Haughton House and other tunes played at Scottish Sessions can be found in The Scottish Slow Session Volume 4, available from my Online Store.

Nigel Gatherer, Crieff, Perthshire |