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 I am a professional musician, and have been involved in the performing, teaching, collecting and publishing of Scottish traditional music for thirty years. In 2017 I was inducted into the Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame. I feel I inspire people around the world with an (ahem) infectious way of transmitting music.

As well as informing people of my teaching activities, this website provides resources for the learning of traditional music, with tunes in various formats, tutorials, articles and downloads.

Visiting my on-line store introduces you to the growing catalogue of my books, while the forum allows discussion of music with like-minded enthusiasts.
latest news
      NGMS Lower & Upper Intermediate Mandolin now open for booking             new virtual session venue - Gatherer's Inn - opening soon ... details below             new tune search feature - see the tunes page             SMG Morning Mixed - music scheduled and ready             SMG Slow Session class - music ready            
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 Nigel Gatherer's Tune Collection

For the foreseeable future, the bulk of my musical activities will be conducted online.
For full information on the various events, click on the links below.

 Gatherer's Musical Museum
 Nigel Gatherer's Online Store  SMG Morning Mixed  Sessions at Gatherer's Inn
 The Scottish Mandolin  SMG Slow Session Class
GFW Slow SessionSMG Slow Session
 The Scottish Whistle  GFW Mandolin
GFW Slow SessionSMG Slow Session
 The Scottish Slow Session  Nigel Gatherer's Mandolin School
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