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 The Pigpipe Press
Scottish Books

Although I like many types of music, Scottish music is my main passion. Click on the links below for full information on the Scottish tunebooks I have published.

The Scottish Slow Session Series
A series of books with a suggested repertoire for
Scottish sessions,or simply for playing by yourself.
The Joy of Sets Series
A collection of four books of sets of tunes
for sessions or enjoyment.
Gatherer's Grand Collection
Three books so far, each with fifty old
and interesting Scottish tunes.
Hebridean Hopscotch
A musical journey through the
Western Isles of Scotland, in three volumes.
Great Scottish Composers
A look at the compositions of some
of Scotland's greatest musicians.
Tune of the Week Books
Five volumes of tunes from a "Tune of the Week"
feature on my forum The Gathering.
The Gathering Tunebooks
Eight volumes of tunes from my annual
musical event The Gathering.
Miscellaneous Scottish Books
One-off publications - books of tunes
from various sources.
 Nigel Gatherer, Crieff, Perthshire |