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The Pigpipe Press
 The Pigpipe Press
 The Scottish Slow Session Series
The Scottish Slow Session Vol.4
The Scottish Slow Session Volume 3 Published February 2015Pages: 20Tunes: 36

Tunes in The Scottish Slow Session Volume 4:

  • Ale Is Dear, The
  • Atholl Highlanders
  • Battle of Waterloo
  • Breakdown, The
  • Burning of the Piper's Hut
  • Castles in the Air
  • Drummond Castle
  • Earl of Mansfield
  • Farewell Air, The
  • Farewell to the Tay
  • Fil O Ro
  • Gay Gordons, The
  • Glenburnie Rant
  • Green Grow the Rashes O
  • Haughton House
  • Hills of Glenorchy
  • I Lost My Love
  • Jacky Tar
  • Jessie Smith
  • Jig of Slurs
  • King's House, The
  • Lads o' Dunse
  • Leaving Lismore
  • Loch Earn
  • Lord Huntly's Cave
  • MacGregor of Ruara
  • Midlothian Pipe Band
  • Orange and Blue
  • Rachel Rae
  • Sandy Duff
  • Smith's a Gallant Fireman
  • Walking the Floor
  • Wee Highland Laddie
  • Wi' a Hundred Pipers
  • Whistle O'er the Lave O't
  • Yellow Haired Laddie

The Slow Session series aims to help learners gain a repertoire of tunes which might be played at a Scottish session. The tunes are arranged in sets with guitar chords and intros, in clear notation. The books are available in print, or as digital copies (PDF format) and in mandolin tablature.

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Buy SSS1 (D) • £4.00
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