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 Nigel's Slow Sessions

I have created and hosted slow sessions for twenty five years. I've played in many sessions over the years, but I was concerned that while sessions were a great place for playing informally with other people, they could be elitist and unfriendly. Learners were deliberately put off by more experinced players, often permanently. The idea of a slow session was for it to be a welcoming, supportive place to build up a repertoire, learn to play with other people and raise confidence.

Such was the success of these sessions that hundreds of people go to join in, My Wednesday Slow Session has had many venues; some evolved into new sessions which are still in existence.

During the pandemic I was running five online sessions each week. Now that we're slowly getting back to "normal" there are only two left. If you have any further questions about the sessions, please ask (email me).

GFW Slow Session
6.45-7.30pm | Monday | Leader: Nigel Gatherer

The Wednesday Slow Session
8.20-9.20m | Wednesday | Leader: Nigel Gatherer

The sessions are free to anyone who wishes to attend. If you wish to make a contribution to Nigel's work in providing these sessions, there are a number of options.

Nigel's Slow Sessions
 Nigel Gatherer, Crieff, Perthshire |